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Does anyone have feedback on this show, May 17-19? I was accepted...but, now am realizing unlike most of Howard Alan Events jewelry is still open. This makes me wonder if it isn't a well attended show. If you have any feedback I would greatly appreciate it. It is a 15 hour drive for me each way...and I could just stay home and work in my studio that weekend!

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Just in case anyone ever reads this post and is looking for feedback on this show. I talked to the Howard Alan staff today and was re-assured that it is a smaller show but is a positive buyer friendly show! I feel confident now with my decision to travel to it. And, I will leave one more post after it is over...about my final feelings.


So you based your decision to do that show on what the office staff told you on the phone??

A smaller show and jewelry is still open????  HA has some good shows but one thing I have learned is that he never closes a show despite how awful it is.

Oh no....
Hi from what I know Howard Allen is a very good promoter. I would probably be willing to do the show and see how it goes. Elle
Thank you Allison and Elle for your posts. I did kind of simplify my conversation with the office staff. It was suggested to me that I call the Howard Alan office and speak to Debbie Alan. She is out of town, but the staff told her my concern. They then let me know that Debbie said it has a strong buyer market.
I am going to go based on the fact that when I called their office I explained that I unfortunately had done a show with them one other time and it was not a good experience. And it was a show that I actually flew to Florida for (ACE in Bradenton). I am a pretty optimistic person and feel she wants me to have a position experience with them this time!
So,...I am crossing my fingers and trying it.
Thanks again.


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