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Hi there, I've experimented with the weights made from PVC and concrete, but find them a little bulky. I also have kettle bell weights which work ok. But I see people with the long skinny metal ones, and those seem preferred by the real pros. Wondering how those can be made, or if you have to know someone in steel working or something? They are thinner and more condensed than the concrete. Thanks! 

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It is very simple if you want steel bar weights... call a welding shop...there are many out there

What Greg said.

A 20' bar of 2" cold rolled steel can get you 8 weights at a 2.5' length that weigh 25lbs/piece. That's 50lbs/tent leg.

They'll cut it down for you and if your not a welder, they'll weld on rings for you to attach whatever you are securing them to your tent with.

They're fantastic though. You can barely see them at all on my set up. Saves so much space in packing/transport too.

I have 2 bars on all 6 legs in the pic below.

hi Karl, 

thanks for the pictures! Great to see. You're right, barely visible. I will definitely contact a local welder. Thanks for the help!


Try a search on this site for a post I created "Custom booth weights - the best"


PM me with email for illustrated process for PVC weights. 

thanks Richard, sent a friend request so I can pm you. I'm thinking the steel is better as it's more dense, and I've tried concrete in PVC. But I'm open to any solutions! 

thanks for sharing! I may try that as well. just melt the lead, fill the PVC. another guy posted how to do all that. thanks for the picture that looks like a nice option. 

I didn't melt the lead. It is 50 lbs of buckshot in each piece of pvc. 17" tall with a screw on top.

The dumbbells are also 50 lbs (about 12" tall) and all I did was tap a 1/4" thread for an eyebolt and paint them

Thanks Greg for the input! Buckshot is interesting. I suppose whatever makes the most density I'm good with. 

If you melt and shape the lead, you don't need the PVC container.


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