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Do you all know an artist named Bernoulli?

No? Well he was an artist in other areas of thought, mainly mathematics. He created Bernoulli's equation.

Without getting into the exact math, physics and engineering, here are some ideas for consideration.

Now, assume a little knowledge about our tents. An example is the Trimline tent.

The surface area of the top is approx. 131 Square Foot. It has another property that is important … it is curved. Hence we have a large curved surface parallel to the ground.

Now lets talk about a Piper Cub J-3. This is an airplane.

The piper has a wing surface approx. 178 SqFt.

Now why do we care about Bernoulli and his equation?

His, simply put, says air travels faster over a curved surface. This is why wings on airplanes let you pretend to be a bird.

Now, it is already clear the piper has 47 SqFt more surface area. Also it has the underside almost completely exposed. However the Piper Cub has a maximum weight of 1220 lbs. Which requires a certain amount of “lift”.

The Trimline only weighs about 130 lbs. Even with extras such as mesh walls and artwork, it will not approach the 1220 lbs of the aircraft.

So, the Piper weighs approx. 9.38 times the Trimline.

The Piper can take off at about 45 mph. Slower in certain conditions and methods.

Now, it is true the Trimline does not have a fully exposed under-surface. Yet with windvents open, any sidewalls open, awnings, gaps etc.

Perhaps the idea that with walls there is even slower air movement along the underside .

How much weight do you think must be loaded to compensate when we can easily get winds greater than 45 mph.

So those who think 30 lbs per corner, bringing the total weight to 250 lbs is fine... Think again.

Weigh it or lose it :-)

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I guess we should all be driving semis...

Plus drive them slowly by any art fairs, so as not to cause too much vortex near the tents :-)


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