I have done local and regional shows for years but I want to expand and try to get in the top ranked shows. I know I can't get accepted with my current both setup. I don't mind making the investment in a new tent and display panels as long as I know I will then be accepted to the really good shows. It seems a chicken and egg kind of thing. I have looked around for a place to rent the tent and panels but have not had any luck. My plan would be to take the booth photo in the new setup and use the photo to apply to next years shows (need to act quickly). Then, if I get accepted to at least 2 or 3 shows, I would make the investment in the new tent and panels. Does anyone have an idea how I can make this happen? I live in Alabama but I can go to Atlanta and New Orleans area if need be.


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  • You should rent a good booth from someone near you who is on AFI.  A good booth shot won't guarantee anything, but a bad shot will guarantee you won't get in.  When it comes to jurying-never settle!


    • I would concentrate on getting a good booth shot with what you have, take out anything that is questionable.

      Make sure that the shots of your work are tops.

      Good luck.

  • A new booth setup is only a very small factor in being accepted to top ranked shows. Many have said that if your work is outstanding... in the opinion of the jurors...then a great booth shot just might help sway their decision over another artist with outstanding work and a so-so booth photo.

  • Getting a new booth to improve your chances of getting into the top art fairs is like buying a new computer to make you write better in Microsoft Word. In 2013, we were invited to Main Street Fort Worth,at that time ranked in the top 5 US shows. We had a nice tent, good images, etc, our neighbors on each side, had EZ UP tents, which failed in the first strong wind. Concentrate on: following all the standards detailed in the call to artists, (you would be astonished how many artists are downvoted for such simple things as having a sign or their own image in their booth slide!)

    Concentrate on the quality of your work, the consistency of your images, and the quality of your images. 

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