You may have seen these before but they have many variations at TARGET. Art prints, photographs and more that are mounted on a very thick (2" or more), light-weight, presumably a wood hollow-core frame. They are very affordable and I am sure they are purchased in China/India/korea in bulk. Yet, I would love to find a domestic (USA) manufacturer that can affordably make these in small quantities. I would love to have these for my own photographs and prints. I took a picture with my phone so you can have a better idea of what i am talking about. They are similar to what calls "standouts" but stabdouts are quite expensive to produce. These literally seem to be hollow-core wood frames (like hollow core doors). Anyone know of a company that can make something like this? Thank you.

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  • ohhhh now I see, Steven.....thanks . They look pretty cool .
  • I ordered one from Mpix just to take apart and check out how it's made (I prefer to do all the work myself). The inside is like a compressed styrofoam. The photo is placed on one side, with a strip on the four 2" sides - I used that laminated wood strips found at Home Depot for my sides. The back is covered with backing board and two holes are drilled at the top so the piece can hang flush with the wall. For shows & display, I used those temporary 3M adhesive hangers and attached wire to them on each side for hanging. I taped instructions for removal of the 3M temporary hanger to the backing board. It is very important to cover the photo with sealant - similar to sealant used on canvas. They are extremely light weight.

    I made two and they were a pain to make. I've sold one in the last 8 months (I show nearly every weekend and have a gallery in our downtown area. Potential customers both at my art show booth and at my gallery prefer the canvas wrap to the standout. I can see why Mpix has a high cost on this. It's quite a delicate process. Also - they do not travel well. I take extra precautions, but the edges are prone to damage if packed/unpacked/hung/packed etc. I can't wait to unload my remaining one. Yes, I'm sure those at Target for 29.99 are from China (or equivalent).

    They have an interesting look, but I decided they were not for me. After all the work I put into them, they reminded me of something bought at Target or Walmart. Not the look I'm going for. In fact, I bet Walmart will be offering that service in their photo department soon.
  • Thanks Peggy ... I will give them a shot.

    But, this is not a true frame, per se ... It is literally a hollow core, light weight support with a photo or print presumably dry-mounted onto the face of it. They are very attractive and obviously innexpensive to produce (if only I knew where to get them).

    If my picture of the actual product was not good enough ( ) then you my go to the following link so you can visualize what I am talking about. sells what they call "standouts" ... they are similar to this process but are obviously MUCH MUCH more expensive. See example at --

    Thank you
  • I don't know who makes these , BUT , I did just buy a frame on ebay--I just ordered one , to try them out --- from someone who custom makes frames --and the frame I purchased was very nicely made -the corners were tight & reinforced - and it was inexpensive , AND it was made in USA........looks like they have made tons of different frames , since they offer all kinds of styles ....and looks like they have a good reputation.
    you could prob contact them & work something out .
    It took about week to get mine .
    anyways, you might want to check them out ,
    Custom Framing Factory Outlet
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