how can I better my website?

I'm not looking to sell via the site, just to entice people to contact me for potential sales.

I would like y'alls opinion on the site itself. any constructive criticism is welcome.


thanks in advance



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  • I am not sure if this is what you are looking for in terms of help.

    I agree with having more info on each item for sale.  Do you use alcohol ink?  Possibly it's some sort of other ink?  Some kind of paint?  This is not my style of art, but there is nothing to draw me in and make me linger at the site and want to know more.

    About the cards.  The only description say 5"x7" but the images look square.  That is confusing.  Also it is nice to know if there is a sentiment on the inside.  If not, is it available to have sentiments included?  Are envelopes included?

    I love seeing photos or some sort of graphic in blogs.  To me it makes it more interesting to see a photo or graphic that goes with the subject. Or, in the case of the blog from 12/8, why not include a photo or whatever of the card you designed?  When I did a custom designed coaster, I received permission from my customer to include it on my Facebook page.  It allowed me to show potential customers an example in the line of what that customer was looking for.

    Here is an example of an artist whose shop I like.  It is easier to share her shop than try to describe it.  (I am receiving no compensation for sharing.)  Her shop is an Etsy shop but don't let that influence whether you look at it.  It is how she describes her process, inspiration, etc. that I like.  Click here:  Stacey Fabre's Shop

  • Thanks for asking, John. What would help is if you have a specific question about your site. Why do you want to do? Are you proud of it? Do you want feedback about the selling process? about your images, etc.? This is such an open ended question that few really have the time to go and critique for the feedback. 

    Part 2 of this is have you ever answered anyone else's questions on this site? Helped someone else with suggestions. The only way this site works is reciprocity: I help you, you help me, a two way street.

    And to make it even more interesting for possible critics I see you have an image attachments. You'll get more looks if you put that image in your post. You can see how to do that in the FAQ's up in the tab if you don't already know how.

    • Hi John,

      You are probably aware of this: When someone clicks on one of your website's images, they are taken to a larger photo of the image, but nothing else. Even if you aren't selling from your site, there should be some info with the image- medium, size, title, price (optional.) 

      Also, no way that I found to easily navigate from that page to somewhere else on your site. People like to be able to click through.



  • Have I overstepped a boundary here? I expected at least one reply after 40+ views.

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