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Just out of curiosity, what shows / art fairs are you most looking forward to doing this year and why?  Are there some that you intentionally avoid?  How come?


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I have two shows in Estes Park, CO; Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. 1. They are money makers and the organizations that run them are great., 2. We have modernized cabins built in the late 1800's reserved and they have hot tubs., 3. We hike in Rocky Mountain National Park after the shows. Steamboat Springs and Winter Park, CO are also fun but we stay in modern condos there. We vist grand kids before and after Grand Junction. After Golden we go to Woodies for pizza in a college town. I enjoy getting away from the studio and I like making money. I don't do shows I don't like.

Thanks, Richard...sounds like fun and profit and grandkids!  Good choice...

I was accepted to both shows at the Chautauqua Institution in Mayville, NY again this year. It is an amazing facility with moneyed residents that Summer there for the arts, music and lectures. The show is run by one of the best directors ever. We found a way to afford actually staying on the grounds last year and loved it. The place is just so beautiful and peaceful I would love it even if I didn't make much money, but I always make at least twice what I make anywhere else. CAn't wait.

Thanks, Pat...sounds like a win / win.  Congratulations on being accepted again too!

OMG -- need a roadie, Pat? I love those Chautauqua shows. 


My annual trek to Gloucester, Massachusetts. It's a show right on the harbor and I can open the back of my tent and watch the lobstermen pull up tonight's dinner. And there are always a couple schooners sailing the harbor too.

We sometimes stay an extra day or two and go on a whale watch or visit the artist colonies in the area.

Sales? The show pays for our vacation.

Oh, that sounds wonderful!  I visited friends there years ago and was struck by how beautiful it is...good choice.  Do they still have "motif number one" down the coast a bit?

I'm looking forward to doing Staunton this year.  It was one of my best shows last year and my husband is going to come over on Sunday and then we will go trailing / photographing on Monday and Tuesday.  I even scored a hotel room with a whirlpool.  I'm also looking forward to Virginia Beach.  What's not to love about 4 days on the beach with a beachfront room.  The hotel room is hideously expensive but it makes the show so much easier to do.

Sounds lovely, Alison, I hope you do well enough at the show to defray the cost of the hotel a little bit...enjoy!

We've sworn off summer shows since we don't like the heat. It's a shame since so many good shows are smack in the middle of the hot weather. We've always done big spring and fall tours with a few winter and summer shows thrown in since there are so many good ones held during our "off seasons". Maybe if we get an RV we'll be more inclined to brave summertime.


Richard, we live at Wyoming and almost never come to Colorado. I just can't imagine paying the booth fee for Cherry Creek and then swealtering in the hottest sun of the year. And the Colorado impressionism craze makes us think twice about doing other shows as well. We're tight realism. Estes Park might be a good place since it's close to us. Forget Fort Collins and Loveland, we just don't do well there. But do anyone?

Ditto Barrie. Taste of Ft. Collins - ugh! Never applied to Loveland. Windsor is one to watch. The town is doing everything right for artists except drawing in the buyers. No show this year.


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