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I doubt whether many of you will know him, but, a friend of ours from the early days of art fairs needs our help. Mike (Spiney) Quilliam has had a tragic accident in Uruguay and needs to be air lifted back to the US. There is a Gofundme set up in his name. For many years, in the '70s and '80s Spiney and Darlene did art fair in Michigan and Florida. He is a great guy.

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Yikes! I just saw this, Barry. Thank you for posting it here. 

When I first looked at this I thought "oh no!" and then I saw it was from you and I thought you were spoofing us -- you were in Uruguay and you got rolled or something -- then I saw Mike's photo. Best wishes to him and his family.

I promise I won't go to Uruguay without you. I saw that you donated. Mike is back in the US. It's pretty impressive that Tasha raised over $100K in 11 days. When he recovers, he is going to be amazed at the support he received.


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