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Just joined Art Fair Insiders after my first - somewhat uneven - first year. I'm a photographer and learned a ton about what sells, what doesn't and, interestingly, what my own style was. It was a tremendous learning journey and I'm psyched for a second year but realize I need more of a community to build from. So I'm looking forward to the discussions ...

My question is: where do you go to get comparative information on art shows that are on the same days? I've been accepted into two fairs on the same weekend and can't find enough recent information to make a decision about which is right for me.

One is the Orchard Lake show, the other is Art on the Rocks. Both in Michigan. One is slightly farther away but that doesn't really bother me.

Any hints/tips/suggestions/commandmants on how to get up-to-date info?



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Hi Fletcher,

First, let me welcome you...are you a fellow Michigander?  We're delighted to have you joining us and hope you'll continue to take advantage of the information to be found here.  I'm hoping someone with more practical experience will chime in but in the meantime, I'd go to the top of this page and click on Art Show Reviews to find the shows in question and see what others have to say about them.  Thanks for signing up and best of luck as you move forward.

Here are a few resources:

 * select tab Participating Events

 * select Advance Search

 * searching by "Start Date" would provide you with a list of shows by date that are currently using Zapp (database of about 650)

 * the resource is a subscription based service (a bit pricy but a good resource if you're just starting out)

 *see tab above "Call for Artists" 

 * this list shows by date but only shows that have paid to be listed

 * this list shows by date, but the problem is it is not updated. Some shows listed have dates from 2016. I think shows with * after the date are shows that have resubscribed and are updated. Connie can give more info.


You can also read Sunshine Artist Magazine.

and you can ask the question here, Fletcher. 

and (not that you asked, some unasked-for advice) -- in this particular instance, in my opinion, it is definitely up to your sense of adventure and where you think your audience might be? Orchard Lake, high income affluent area, of Oakland County. Is this your audience? Art on the Rocks, people from all over on vacation, a big event for that small community -- maybe more lookers, but maybe better customers. Depends on your subject matter and where you'd like to spend the weekend. Absolutely different venues.


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