Liquitex Satin Varnish

Minwax Polycrylic Clear Semi-gloss


I tried both as a top coat on a faux finished metal project that I had invested many hours in, and both showed a lot of brushstrokes. I tried switching brushes, using a mini roller, and all left an unacceptable amount of texture. I tried mixing with an additive (Floetrol) that is supposed to slow drying and eliminate brushstrokes, and that didn’t help either. No change.


Both containers say not to thin. But perhaps they both evaporated a bit, and now they do need thinning to produce a smooth finish. I used both before from the same containers, which had been tightly closed: and they did not have this problem then.


I’ve never sanded acrylic: I know that with many latex finishes can’t really be sanded smooth; they just gum up. I hate to sand because if I accidentally go too far, I’ll ruin my labor-intensive colored finish beneath it.



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