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Plan A – Space Saver

$1,734.00 original price.

9 – 38.5″ wide panels
6 – Standard Stiffeners
2 – L Stiffeners
2 – 2in1 Support Bars

also have carpet skirts for them 15 each will throw these in as well.

Only used Velcro hooks on them so not punctured holes.

Asking $1200.00

Im in Huntersville NC

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Hello Tom. I would be interested in this set

Sounds good How would like to get them? And where are you located?

I am currently in Detroit area. Would it be possible if I paid extra to have them shipped to me?

I will check into freight cost and Ups cost. Will need to pay this cost as well as the packing requirements. Sound good?

Yes. Just let me know

With UPS it would be 400. Freight was more. to ship in a Custom box. if this is Ok I would need you address and payment to my pay pal... I sent you a friend request so we can finallize this in messages.

Okay, so I am thinking to drive down and pick up the pro panels I can give deposit and pay the rest in cash. Let me know what u think

Sounds great. Shipping them is a big hassle. 

When would you like to come? So that I can make sure to be here. Also I can give you my address in a private message just accept friend request.

I accepted your friend request but not sure how to start a private message
Hi! I’m in Houston... and am interested. I can possibly pick up. Do you have any pics of the color? THX!

Im going to take some tomorrow. They are dark grey. Im 90% sure they are taken but will let you know if not tomorrow.


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