ok the question on what tent to buy comes up ALL the time.  I can not recommend Flourish enough.  Of course their trim line tent is awesome. We have two 10’, 2 15’ and a 20’ plus everything else they make.   Many of us use the mesh walls.  The best thing about this company is their customer service.  This has also been discussed over and over again.  They have helped us over the years in countless ways.  This week they went above and beyond.  At the Cottonwood show in October we had 4 of our mesh wall straps cut by someone.  I called and asked if I could buy just the straps and I would find someone to attach the new ones.  They were so upset about the vandalism.  They said they wanted me to mail the walls directly to the seamstress, Betty, who offered to do the repair for free.  Not only did she do the repair for free, she did it with in 24 hours of receiving the walls so we could get them back in time for our next show.  On top of that Flourish chipped in and paid for shippin the walls to us!!!  Come on folks that’s crazy pants.  So for those trying to decide on a tent, keep the customer service in mind with Flourish.  It can’t be beat and their trim line is really the strongest tent option we have.

thank you Jim and Betty.  

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  • They really understand the business. Every time I order from them they ask me when is your next show?, when do you need it by? and it has arrived on time every time.  They also keep records on what was bought for your tent.  When I bought a used then I was able to know every option that had been added and they transferred the records to me.

  • Excellent endorsement, Melanie. That is a great story. In addition to that, some of their staff are artists who participate in art fairs, so they "get it" from an artist's point of view. Luke Block has been doing shows forever and Sage Billig, is younger, but she is an artist and her parents were artists, a second generation art fair artist. You've probably been near one or the other for years.

  • I'm planning on buying a new tent this spring.  How long does it take to set up all those tubes? 

    • Once you get use to the tent it goes up fast.  I can have a 10’ trimline up in 15 minutes or less.  Most of us don’t fully take the tent apart so set up goes faster with practice.  

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