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Trimline mesh Panels for sale...

I'm selling a set of 4 white mesh panels for a Trimline Tent. I used them only once (they are in new condition) and realized they didn't work well for hanging my heavy pieces of sculpted wood art.

The set includes 3 panels that are 10 ft. x 7 ft. and a 4th panel that is 4 ft. x 7ft. and includes the carry bag.

I paid $645.. and will sell them for $400...

I live in Prairieville, Louisiana and you can also pick them up if you prefer and save shipping.

Greg Little


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How much to ship them to Miami Florida? 

And would they fit a 10 X 10 Caravan tent?


UPS shipping to Miami would be $55.

 The Trimline has horizontal poles at the top and sta bars at bottom that the mesh panels attach to. You would need upper and lower sta bars if your Caravan is a pop up style tent. I also have a pop up tent that I added sta bars to and the mesh panels do fit on it. I would imagine that if you use sta bars on your Caravan they would work if it is similar to the pop up I have...since I don't have a caravan I cannot be 100% certain.


Investigate Fedex Ground shipping. Usually they cost less, especially for heavier and larger items.

I just got a reply from Caravan, and ECanopy. They are saying that the Caravan Commercial tent, (and the other models) are "not designed" to bear any extra weight, and as such, I should look at "free standing" display walls to exhibit my art "under the tent." Anyone know if this is just "the company line" OR is this the facts? Anyone out there using a caravan tent and supporting bars/display panels?

And IF it's true,  that I can't use panels on the support system, any recommended "free standing" display wall companies/brands that won't take me robbing a bank to be able to purchase? Thanks.

Where can I find the sta bars at that you are referring to? I did get a communication back from sales at Caravan saying that a person they sold a tent to, ended up using a Trimline panel set up in their tent.

You can get them fron Trimline ...
They advertise here on this website all the time. I have some extra lower sta bar brackets that I can give you if you buy the mesh panels.


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