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My brand new EZ Up canopy top leaked like a sieve in last nights rain. My old one was never a problem (even without pool noodles or hula hoops). Some of my neighbors told me how this is now a known issue with ezup tents. The Eurmax and the Z Shade seemed to hold up well. Does anyone here have experience with either or another good pop up tent for rainy shows?

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My pop up tent is a Vitabri. I chose it because it has an optional poly-vinyl top and the top fits snug...not loose like many other pop ups. It has never leaked and it has been out in some extremely heavy rains. when I first received it I set it up in the yard and left it out for several days because very heavy rains were predicted. With over 6" of rain during a couple of days it has no leaks. 

It is costlier than other pop ups...but you get what you pay for...

My Pop-Ups are Undercover R-2.  When I first got them I used 303 sealer on the seams only.

With plenty of being out in very bad weather, they have never leaked, at all.

The tops are secured to the frame by clips as well as velcro.  They have an adjustment in the center that tightens the top, so you do not get a water pooling scenario.

For a pop-up, they are strong, well made, extremely easy to set up and good in the various weather conditions. They are not as strong as the Trimline but so much different in weight, compactness and ease of setup / breakdown.

It looks the same as this one from SAMs Club only $200 more. Can that be right?


Based upon the link you provided, it is a bit different.

Your link:

States it is the "UC-3R"  that is, I believe, the Undercover R-3

Seems to have different walls, that attach via velcro. Also are Roll up walls.

Solid core Steel frame.

300 denier.

Listed as Category "Core"

Undercover R-2:

600 Denier

Walls are attached via "shower curtain" type clips to a built in wire.

This allows the walls to be merely slid open and closed like drapes.

Octagonal Aluminum frame.

Dial adjust peak settings

Listed as Category "Pro"

Not sure if the R-3 has the same inside reflective layer as the R-2.

As far as I know the R-2 is a higher level unit than the R-3.

That would explain the large price difference so well.

Thanks for you input, I really appreciate it, it's very helpful.

I usethe  Eurmax heavy weight tent with the octagon  legs and the Eurmax water filled weights which velcro around the legs.  I was in two extreme weather storms this season and my tent held up as well as the lite dome or other heavier tents.  Two weeks ago in Sanford even the biggest tents moved and came down.  Mine moved but no damage, and no leakage.

I'm a senior disabled woman working alone and in some situations it is much easier to empty the water out of the weights at the end of the show.  I also travel with big cat litter jugs to fill with more water in some situations.

Thanks, I often set up by myself also so this is good to know. I'll check into those weights, that sounds like a great solution no matter which tent I get.

I have the Eurmax for two years now and never had a rain or wind problem. I do use three stabilizer bars. I never use my Litedome any more. Its much more rugged but just too difficult to set up for me being alone now. My son got a EZup a few months ago mainly for yard BBQs and it leaks in the rain.

Thanks for this info. It seems lots of people like the Eurmax and the artist next to me has one and it was very dry under her canopy. Other artists said the EZups all leak now.

I don't know anything about the Euromax - never used one. I can speak for the Undercovers and Trimlines, as I have them and use them. I have had my Undercover R-2 hold up in shows where 5 tents around me went down, yet mine stayed fine and did not leak. I have had it set up for 2 weeks in a row when it was at a location where we had a storm, it was extremely windy (guessing around 40 mph) and constant rain. I had to weight and stake the heck out of it but it held up and did not leak.

In heavy winds it sways plenty. Used to make me nervous but didn't fail.

No question the Trimline will survive much better and easier without as much extra weighting.

I use both because the Undercover, in some situations such as one day shows, is a good compromise. It is extremely lightweight. Can be carried with one hand, if in decent shape. 

I know mine never leak. They can be bought direct from Undercover at

Thanks for the feed back, it's very helpful.


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