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Gently-used 10x10 ProPanels and Light Dome tent [BOTH SOLD]

Whether you're getting ready to join the art fair circuit, or you want to upgrade your show gear to the very best at a great price -- this is for you. It's all in excellent condition -- no rips, tears, patches or other damage. We thought we'd be doing art fairs after retirement, but health concerns are preventing. Located on Maryland's Eastern Shore, 90 minutes from Washington, DC or Baltimore.  

System consists of:

[SOLD] A white 10' x 10' Light Dome Tent, from Creative Energies, Inc., with 4 side panels, zippered at the corners and in the middle so that you can raise half a side or whole. All supporting members are telescoping aluminum tubes, making set-up a breeze. Corner pole brackets are cast aluminum, not plastic, designed for long, hard use. There are two 3' awning extensions (see photo) -- one for the front and one for a side. Also included are a ground anchoring kit and four concrete-filled PVC tubes to hold down corners when anchoring to the ground is not a possibility. Transport your system in the supplied open tote and large zippered bag. Current retail value of tent with extras is over $1200 (not including shipping).

[SOLD] Inside your tent would be a ProPanel Full Booth System from MD Enterprises, specifically designed for a 10 X 10 tent. It's a knock-down system, so it's easier for one person to put up and take down. Assembled panels are 8' tall, 30" wide and are light grey in color (see photo). Nine of these are included, as well as six 25.5" wide, 8' tall when-assembled panels for greater flexibility in set-up configuration. Narrower panels could be a stand-alone display in front of or beside your tent (see photo). Complete system includes 4 adjustable support bars, six stiffeners and one "T" stiffener, numerous couplers, picture hangers, and straps. In addition there is a small desk, made of the same materials as the panels, to hold brochures and credit card machine. Current retail value of ProPanels system with extras is well over $2,000 (not including shipping).

We'd prefer to sell the entire system -- tent and panels -- as a package for $2,100 (not including shipping). 

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I'm very interested! I'm a new artist (less than one year) and I'm ready for an upgrade from my pop up! Please call me asap, John Grammer 941-780-1886

Hi John,

Sorry I got home too late to feel comfortable calling you (it's 11 PM).  Looks like you are in Florida, so same time zone as me in Maryland.  I'll give you a call about 9 AM tomorrow, if that's okay.

Thanks for your interest.


What are the measurements of the largest pieces (when disassembled)? I want to know if the entire package will fit a space no greater than 63" in length and what would be the width and height?
If it fits, I could take it.
I'll be in MD very soon, for a show. I can meet and pick up.
If you want to PM me your phone number, I can call you and ask more questions, in real time.

Hi Larry, thanks for your interest. Not sure how to PM my phone to you. I have a photo of the whole system, packed up. I could email it to you, or it attach it to a text message, if I have your cell phone number. I think that all the components are under 63" in length, with possible exception of two adjustable stiffener bars. I'll measure them in a bit and let you know. Are you on FB? I could pm you there.

Hi Larry, Just measured the kit and I was correct:  everything is well under 63" in length, except the two stiffener bars (which brace the ProPanels when assembled) which are 78" in length. If you have an SUV with roof rack, they could be strapped to that rack, OR they could be separately shipped.  Shouldn't be too expensive, as they weigh about 15 pounds together.


If you decide to break it up, I am very interested in the tent, but not the propanels.

Hi Phil,

I might be interested in breaking up the set.  First, where are you located?  Someplace where you could come by and get them (Annapolis-Baltimore-DC area)?  If in mid-Atlantic region perhaps I could arrange to meet you midway.  I have someone interested in the ProPanels but not the tent, so this could work out.

I'd like $900 for the tent and the "extras" (not including shipping charges, if any).

Unfortunately I need to take my name off the table. Unforeseen expenses ate into my budget ... grumble...

I am interested in the Pro panels only. Noticed you had a tent buyer. I ytou can break this up, I would be interested in a price for the panels.

If you have a tent buyer, might you be interested in a panel buyer? I only need the panels. We will be in DC in a month and can pay cash.

What would be a price for the panels?

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for your interest in the ProPanels I have for sale.  I'm waiting to hear from the gentleman who indicated he wanted the tent but not the panels.  If he and I have a deal, then I would be delighted to sell you the panels.  

I would like $1300 for the ProPanels and all their extras (desk, 6 free-standing display panels) -- not including shipping charges, if any.

 If we can get closer to $1000 that'd be great as I have to spend an overnight/gas...coming from MN. We are retirees.

Your pictures are great and I can safely say they are the setup I need. Will come with cash.

Many thanks for your speedy reply.


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