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Was there no one here at the Gasparilla show? Or are you just too wimpy to say something? Gasparilla was a disaster this year and artists are posting all over the internet. The committee was so clueless and the treatment of artists was so egregious, that people may finally band together and demand some minimal rights for artists. Since I wasn't there I can't speak to the issues.

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Wasn't there, feel bad for the artists who endured extreme weather, lack of remedies and resulting poor sales and horrible load out.

But I can't say more because I wasn't there. For all we know, folks are just getting back home and still washing off the mud before they feel like posting about events.

I had no idea this was going on. Sounds terrible -- they even talked about artists asking for refunds on the news ... 

Look at this from the Tampa paper, including a video of the Mudfest:

I was part of something similar at the Howard Allen show in Beaver Creek last summer.

A fully foreseeable disaster for the artists.

In previous years the show was held in the paved and shaded areas of the ski resort. Last year they opened up another (approximately) two hundred booths on a sloped, grassy area accessible only by a dirt two-track. Not horrible circumstances all by themselves but this is Colorado's rainy season, it rains almost every day and sometimes in huge amounts.

So imagine a traffic jam through a narrow funnel in the rain. Load in included more than an hour wait in line AFTER your appointed load in time, mine just before dark, only to be told you can't drive your vehicle down there and everything you own would have to be trucked to your space, four hundred yards in the rain,  on GATORS. Thank God the resort workers had good attitudes and did their best to protect your stuff.

I'm a veteran of only one year but pretty sure the event coordinators could have seen this coming.

To make it worse there were large parts of both days when all the artists had to do was watch the clouds roll by and listen to the crickets. On the bright side those are some precious hours to brainstorm with the other artists and make new friends. There's always a bright side, right????

Trucked in on Gators? That sounds real Cajun fo sure

Sure glad I was waitlisted...!

After the great load in disaster of 2009? it was suggested by many to put the artists completely on the street.  The park makes load in and out a nightmare especially given that the volunteers do not do a good job of enforcing the procedures.  The last time I did this show I had to load out to the street up a very long hill (it felt that way at least) because someone decided to stop right by his booth instead of pulling up tight in line that would have put him a couple rows away.  No one forced him to move and he screwed up the entire load out.  Not only that but the row I was in last time had a lot of space in front and people put their display out in front as much as 20' and nothing was done.  I have thought seriously of doing a couple shows in Florida in 2016 but this won't be one of them.  They need to work with the police and fire department to put the show back on the street and enforce their rules to make a level playing field for everyone.

This post has nothing to do with Howard Alan. So far, only one person, Alison, has talked about Gasparilla.

I do not think nobody will post about the show. I think since is open forum people stay away when they have bad experience. From news articles it seems more something to do with the park district than the people that run the show. I just think they should call off the show because it was unsafe no sale will happen (if they happen I do not know how much it will help). I just happy I was not there but I am in fence if should apply next year or not. I think in few month i will forgot about what happen and apply to the show and take my chances.

Thank you Connie!! I was hoping that people who are members here and did the Gasparilla show would weigh in and have an intelligent discussion of what happened. I wasn't there but I know how they run things and why. It would have been nice to have something posted here because it certainly is getting a lot of discussion at various FB sites and nothing was said here. The show suffers from an all volunteer crew that turns over every year. Consequently, there is no experienced person dealing with problems that may come up. And, they have no concept of the fact that we are professionals who are risking their economic survival at every show. Since we are professionals and pay to rent our space, show up with great work, we have reasonable expectation of professional conduct by the show committee itself. That is something you don't get with an all volunteer crew. They don't and can't possibly get it.

It is easy for me to get confused but why all the deleted replies?

Don't ask, it wasn't important. There were no informative posts that related to the topic that got removed.

That is fine.  I just kept getting notices and then it said the reply had been deleted.


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