What are everyone's thoughts for the future of shows going into 2021??  Do you think it will be business as usual??  I am trying to make the decision to invest in a trailer to set up with at shows as opposed to my tent that I currently use.  (If I should decide to do this I will have my Vitabri tent for sale)  I am just a little nervous about taking the leap in this mess we are all dealing with, but don't want to wait because it will take time to have the trailer ready to go.  Thanx for your input.  Kim

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  • I'm 76 and Jean is 72. We have no plans to do any shows until spring/summer of 2021. I have plenty of studio work and am using time off to catch up and get orders done. I made some studio improvements that have been put off for 30 years. Not procrastination, just too busy. By consolidation of storage in one area, I created a 12x15 space to build Jean a library in the studio. I have website but orders are coming in from Facebook sites for trick riders. Although their performances at rodeos have been canceled they are working on their acts and needing equipment. Western memorabilia auctions have gone online so restoration of antique saddles and gear are still coming in. Gun sales are up so I may consider doing a "table display" at a couple gun shows this winter as holsters and belts are big sellers at art shows. It all depends on science and Covid19 numbers this winter. My summer shows are in Colorado resort areas and I expect 2021 will be a good year as people will want to go to the mountains for recreation more so than before after being shut down. The rice bowl is more than half full. Pictures: one of two new aisles for storage of leather and work in progress, Jeans studio area. Both in basement of home.


    • Wow!  You are busy!!  Thank you!  I feel encouraged that all will be well!

  • The main problem is people that do not want to do necessary things to protect themselves and others. During recent trips to the grocery and Lowes (Wearing my Mask) I was amazed at how many people were in these places with NO mask. If someone wants to be dumb enough to not be safe in public and be at risk of getting the virus then it would be better if the get sick... But to put others in danger is absolutely STUPID.

    No one wants to be around someone who might spread disease. Stay home

    • If you have a mask on you should not be worried if someone else does not.  You are protected.  I choose not to wear one because for one I do have health issues.  And second I refuse to live in fear of this virus that isn't as bad as we have been led to believe.

      • Kimberly, I agree.  I choose not to mask for 2 reasons equally ... as you stated ... not living in fear and I have no health issues.  I have said all along that is physical distancing works, why push masks on people?  Also if masks work, why the physical distancing?  Too much contradictory and unproven information is being disseminated for me to believe it all, hook, line and sinker.

      • No.  The mask primarily protects others.  If you have health issues, you should be wearing a mask.  This is a serious virus.  We do not have immunity to it.  It spreads easily. Please pay attention to science. 

      • Choosing not to wear a mask because you have health issues? Makes sense. Only 200 or so people have died from it and it is only a local issue????

  • So you will have customers enter the trailer for shopping?  If so, is there head room for that in that size trailer?

    • No.  The trailer will open so you can shop from the shelves in the opening.  

  • I think they will be back as soon as there is a vaccine.  I have been working my way towards doing fewer shows, adding galleries, pushing my website and I was considering stopping this year with everything that is going on but I drove the van today and I'm not ready to quit yet.

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