I have a full set of light grey canvas display panels and poles to fit showoff canopies. Includes two 10ft panels, one 8ft panel, one 4ft French Wall, and all of the aluminum poles that come with them. This is a great way to have a lightweight and compact setup. These might be able to be used with other brands, but I'm not sure. The entire set of walls will fold up into a small plastic tote. The fabric has a coating that makes it pretty resilient to stains. There is one small tear in the rear wall. Otherwise, most of the holes from hanging work are pretty small and disappear once you step back. The poles are all aluminum. It's not too heavy so I can ship from Colorado Springs Colorado. I will give you a quote if you need that. Bought nearly new a few years ago for $700, I'll let it go for $295 obo. Contact me for more photos. Thanks -Casey



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  • Have these been sold?

    • Yes. They are sold

  • Hi! Are these sold? 

    • Yes, they are still available.

      • Great! I just sent you a message.

  • If these are still avaialble I have some questions - am interested


    • Yes, they are still available.

      • Hi Casey!  Do you have the Display Panel

        Strap Kits included?   Doing my homework as we speak 

      • Thank you for the reply!  Do they stand alone in front of regular walls or do they clip to the canopy system?   If there is detailed setup info on manufacturers site I'm happy to research also.   And what kind of hardware is used to hang framed art?   Very interested

        • They have sleeves at the top and bottom, kind of like curtains (see last photo). The top slides through your existing canopy frame, and the bottom has poles that go through the sleeves and attach by clips to straps on the bottom of a Showoff canopy. Whether or not you can retrofit other brands to do the same I don't know. I am including those poles for the bottom. Plus the french wall has two poles, one along each side that attaches to a pole on top that goes across the top, and a bottom pole like the others. I include all of those. FYI I just discovered yesterday that one of the plastic clips is missing from one of the bottom poles. I'll drop the price a bit for that if you decide you want them.

          As far as attaching art, I used curtain hooks. It leaves little holes but they disappear when you stand two or three feet away. I don't know what else to use because they are pretty slippery and velcro or tape won't stick.

          Go to the Showoff website. They should have more info.

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