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my name is sabine from river ridge louisiana. i am a metalsmith making contemporary jewelry out of mainly sterling silver. this is my third year back doing shows. years ago i did a lot of craft shows and did ok business.

i started doing craft shows again, and made next to no money. thats when i relized, that my work has evolved, it is too contemporary for many people has gotten better and more pricy. i don't want to go back to making 5 dollar bead earrings, but it is so hard to find the right shows and to get accepted into them.

i am learning though, i really appreciate art fair insider it is very helpful to get artists reviews of various shows.



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Hi Sabine, Welcome to Art Fair Insiders. This is a great place to get information like you are seeking about shows that might better fit your caliber of jewlery. When you go to discussions there are a couple of other discussion blogs listed where this question might be better answered, try the Art Fair Discussions or the Newbies Central. I would love to see some of your work, so when you get a chance could you post a picture or two. So happy you have joined us here. Take care,


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