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I have a reservation I can't use or cancel. If you're going and can use it let me know. If they will let me put your name in for check in you can have it free

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Hi: I could possibly use it. If it is Priceline, though, I think you have to show ID, and it has to match.

I'd like to know more first, though. I can't do a hotel without an elevator, for example: had knee surgery 2 months ago and can't do more than a couple of stairs yet. Doing my first art fair of the season will be a challenge!

Thanks for the offer. I will send you a message via the PM function here, but you have to accept a friend request to be able to see it or answer.

Sometimes my husband has checked in instead of me and the hotels don't seem to care as much as Priceline says. We will give it a try

If this doesn't work for Linnea, Christina, I could use it one night. Linnea first though!

Christina gave me everything I need to check in, so I hope it will all go smoothly. It is very kind of her to give her room away, as she could have just let it go and done nothing with it.


I had not pricelined a room myself, because due to the lengthy recovery from my knee surgery, I still don’t know how well I will function from day to day doing something as strenuous as booth set-up. I wanted to be able to cancel if I had a flare-up and was in too much pain to do the show.


So it looks like it will work out. Hopefully I will see her at a future show and be able to thank her in person!


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