Hi All!

I would love to get some framing advice.

 I'm a watercolor artist and am getting into the art fair scene for the first time. I've purchased a Trimline canopy with three Flourish display mesh panels and I am starting to think about the best way to display my pieces and the best option to get them framed.  I've gotten a quote from a local framer and I'm looking at pricing ranging from $150 to $180 which includes a quality mat and frame using plexi glass for pieces 14" x 20" and 18" x 24" (excluding frame). I was curioius if anyone has noticed a pattern with what a buyer prefers. Do they prefer a framed piece? Or do people like to frame it themself?  Also is there common preference with buyers on what they like in terms of frame color? I'm deciding between black or natural grain. Also after a piece is purchased is there preferred professional way to wrap it? Should I provide a box with the piece? There are so many little details i'm starting to think about that I didn't realize before. Any advice is great! 

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