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Hi, I dont know how many of you do your own framing but I am looking for a supplier for picture frame mouldings, I prefer to work with wooden frames and have come to realise it is very expensive to have my works professionally framed outside of me doing it myself. During my off months (Nov. - March) I worked with  Micheals framing dept to have a full view of how to make my own frames. I have a complete concept on how to frame and finish my own work, I just need help with where to get frame mouldings. I have heard of deco-mouldings and thats about all I know. I also know of frames-by-mail, but I prefer to cut my own frames.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Harrison Otalor.

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  • HI Harrison,

    Omega Moulding bought MM distributors and now runs a truck to Wilmington twice a week.  That is who I use for matboard and other framing supplies.

  • Where might one try to fit in Frames by Mail?? I use them as a sole supplier for my framing needs. Despite being located in the St Louis, Mo area, I have found their pricing for economy metal channel framing to be outstanding. They also seem to have a lot of wood mouldings, but when pricing starts being better than $2.00/linear inch, you lose my attention


    I just comparisoned my typical 9x12 frame Frames by Mail versus Frame Destination

    I found that FBM saved me over $2.50 /frame

    I don't use matting, backings, glass, or plexi, so can't give data there


  • @Mark - your point about finding a local distributor is a good one to heed, if you want to buy sticks. My local distributor, TC Moulding, has warehouses in Troy, MI and in the Minneapolis area. They can deliver, or I can pick up.  That said, I don't buy too many chops from them, as the profiles they carry are more traditional. They do make Nielsen chops for me on occasion, though. 

    @Harrison, you didn't say where you're from. You should definitely take a look at your local options. Otherwise, you'll probably wind up ordering chops to size, which is convenient, but costs more and limits your options. 

    Standardizing your frame sizes will help in the second regard, as you can then order enough chops to take advantage of length/quantity discounts. Planning around stick length will also help a bit.

    • Ask and you shall receive, Thank you Karen, i will be checking out your company, @ Connie, will also check out the company, @ Jim, I live in the small state of Delaware, in the middle of nowhere and everywhere. Close proximity to PA, MD, VA, NJ and NY. I get most of my art supplies  from mm distributors but they dont carry frame mouldings. I am searching for local distributors but it seems like either way it has to be shipped as Wilmington DE is short of such companies. Will continue my search for locals.

      Thanks everyone for the responses.

      Harrison Otalor 

      • Harrison, I live in the sticks -- when we were selling photography we ordered from a distributor in Detroit, TC Moulding, and they delivered to us on a weekly basis for no delivery charge. It was great!

  • Harrison, I surely hope you will check out This company was one of the original advertisers on this site with excellent products and customer service.

  • Harrison,
    Metropolitan Picture Framing ( is a manufacturer of contemporary hardwood moulding and frames. We sell length, chops, and joined frames. All are available unfinished or finished.  Our website is: We have many artist and photography customers and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 800-626-3139.

    Karen Desnick

  • You will want to try to find a local frame supplier or distributor since uncut moulding is typically sold in 7-12 foot long boxes. 10 ft long cant be shipped via ground unless cut. Uncut it has to be freighted which is usually not economical unless you getting a few thousand feet. To find distributors you can go to websites for manufactures like Crescent or Nielsen Bainbridge and check their list of distributors for one in your area.



    Frame Destination, Inc.


  • Some other sources for sticks, chops, framing supplies and tools. Wholesale.

    Decor Moulding

    Studio Moulding

    TC Moulding

    Sources for joined frames, retail

    Frame Destination

    American Frame

    • Thank you Jim, a lot to look at and good choices, will be contacting them .

      Harrison Otalor.

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