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Offering Nora White Gimbal Ring (fancy name for track head that tilts in all directions) and Ushio 11W LED bulb ( PAR30, 2700K, 40 deg beam w 25,000 hour life).

Hardy ceramic-cased bulb just screws flush into ring (see photo) and then ring twists right into track.

Used in two shows (we redid our booth display and need less lighting now). Each bulb + ring runs about $22. We are selling for $16 each, with minimum purchase of other words, $64 plus shipping for four sets. (And we have three groups of 4). Ok to pick up here in suburban Philadelphia.

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What are the lengths of the track (s)?

Do you have all the fittings?

Are these hard wire or with the "end plug disconnect" design?

How good a deal for everything as a bundle?

These are just for the heads and the bulbs as we are still using the tracks. (Which are 4 ft w an end plug). No fittings, they just go right into amd out of the track with one turn. That is what I love about them. 


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