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*FOR SALE* Set of 9 dark grey pro panels and accessories and TrimLine Canopy (SLC Utah area)

I am looking to sell a set of 9 dark grey jacked up (6'38.5") pro panels and the following accessories (the set-up is pictured below)

(1) QUICK SHELF 12” X 38.5” DARK GRAY 
(3) 38.5" STORAGE BAG

I purchased all of these new in 2013 for a total of $2039.00. They have been used only twice and are in excellent condition. I am asking $1500 for the entire set.

Additionally, I am looking to sell the tent shown in the photo below. The tent is a TimLine Canopy with StaBars and would also include a set of four great weights and a 10' X 7' center zipper wall upgrade. I purchased the tent new for $1,120.00 and would sell it for $800. The tent has only been used once.

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Hi Andy - this is an older posting but I wanted to know if your panel assembly is still for sale?  I am located in the Seattle area but will be travelling to Utah through SLC sometime in the next couple of months, and I might be interested in these if you still have them. 

Hello Mandy,

The panels are available.  Let me know if you are still interested.  Thanks!

Cool, thank you for your reply.  I am not 100% certain when I'll next be in the SLC area but at the moment it's looking like mid-to-late April.  As the date solidifies I will message you to see if it would work out for me to come take a look.  Of course I understand if someone closer purchases them before I make it out there; just let me know if that should happen.

You said these were the 6' tall pro panels.  Do they have the "standard" legs, or the "telescoping" legs?  In the photo it kind of looks like the latter?


Hey there! I am actually looking to just buy the brackets and tent hooks...You might not be selling pieces but I'm your guy if so!



Hi Andy - I sent a friend request since that is apparently the only way I can PM you to further discuss when I'm going to be in the SLC area.  Hadn't seen a reply so I'm not sure if you still have the equipment for sale?  Also I don't need brackets, shelves, etc, so if you sold some of those additional parts to Seth that wouldn't cause me to lose interest in the panels.

I am kind of on the fence about possibly looking at the tent purchase as well if it is in very good condition.  In the photo the front leg of the tent on picture right looks like it is angled outward instead of straight - is it bent, or is that an optical illusion?  I'm not 100% on the tent; the Trimlines look really nice but I fear it would be too difficult to set up on my own...still thinking through that one a bit.

Hi Andy, please let me know if your propanels are still available. I'm in SL area.

The propanels are still available. Would you like to look at them?

Yes. Anytime tomorrow works for me. What is your phone #?

My phone is 269 365 2311.  Send me a text and we can coordinate a time to meet.  


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