This professional mat cutter is in perfect condition. It currently lists for $1,223 on Amazon and can can be found discounted for about $970 at Blick. I am offering it for $350. Most people do not know the story behind these mat cutters. Years ago Phaedra, a maker of commercial quality mat cutters, closed their doors. Logan bought the Phaedra Chronomat line, which became the C850. It is Logan’s only truly professional all metal mat cutter. The Logan Platinum Edge line is identical to the Chronomat cutter and all of the parts are interchangeable. I will include my remaining small supply of 32 x 40 inch Crescent Select (acid free) mat board and acid free foam core board with the cutter.

Being quite large (about 56"x22"x6" disassembled), shipping this would be very expensive, and shipping the 30x40 inch mat board without damage would be nearly impossible, so I am trying to sell this locally. I am located about 15 minutes east of Cleveland Ohio on Lake Erie.

If you are interested we can work out details. Email me at

Thanks for looking!


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