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Neilsen metal chops and frames and framing supplies:

  • Chops: Almond and linen, #15 profile; over 100 pieces, 8" to 28" - $25
  • Chops: Bronze II, #15 profile; over 50 pieces, 5" to 26" - $20
  • Chops: Gold Lustre, a larger profile not sure which one; over 25 pieces; 11"-32" - $20
  • corners and hardware for the metal chops - $20
  • 1 1/2 boxes of Bainbridge bevel accent board in white - $20
  • box of 8x10 glass - $20
  • assorted frames, size 8 x 10 to 24 x 28; metal and wood - $20
  • Buy it all: $75 (or OBO) -- pickup in south central Michigan
  • FREE

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There are enough frames and chops and framing parts to make dozens of frames. These metal frames are easy to paint. Chop sizes range from 5" to 28" ... you can make some unusual sizes combining them.

I'm moving in a few weeks and don't want all this good material to go to the land fill.

Connie, I'll take it. I have a friend in Grass Lake who may be able to get it for me until I can meet up with him. Is Grass Lake far from you?


Larry Sawyer

Great! I was anticipating the landfill for these very usable bits and pieces ... Grass Lake is about an hour from here. How can we make this happen? And thank you, Larry.

I sent you a message. 

I've talked with your friend, Larry. He is coming to pick up the frames on Saturday AND I'm also adding mats, matboard and mounting tissue to the pile of goods. Hope they bring you good luck and give you lots more options in your framing.

Thank you– metal frames are not something I've used in a long time, but I have some ideas as to how to put them back into the rotation. 

I'll take it and can pick it up this week.

Many thanks!

Sorry, Bill. Larry picked them up a couple of weeks ago.


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