I am selling my 10 X 10 Finale.  Purchased in 2011.  I have taken excellent care of it and it is in very good condition.  The canopy and frame were cleaned frequently and always put up dry. There is a small part of one of the zippers that was repaired.  There may be a pinhole or two in the roof but I have not experienced leakage in the tent.  Included are:

 10x10 canopy with zippers on all four sides

includes vent in front and back

4 foot front and both side awnings

8 foot back awning

leg stabilizer bar set

mesh carry bag for frame

Current price (as of February 1, 2017) of new items above add up to $1864 according to Creative Energies representative.  I will sell this set for $1000.  By appointment I will set up and sell cash and carry.  I will not ship.

Also available four 50 pound dumbbell weights for $125.

Also available four 25 pound dumbbell weights for $60.

Also available a wooden storage box for frame $ negotiable.

 Same cash and carry only.


Email in interested.


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