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Complete 10’ x 10’ Trimline Canopy by Flourish Displays, including,

  1. complete basic 10' x 10' Trimline Canopy art show booth set-up, including Lower StaBar Kit, 10’ x 7’ Universal Door Wall upgrade, and 4 weight bags
  2. two carry bags for walls and top.
  3. two carry bags for poles and stay bars.
  4. 10’ wide 30" deep awning, including hardware, frame poles and awning cloth.
  5. three white mesh panels for hanging art work, one of which converts from 10’ x 7’ wall to 7’ x 7’ door, including S hooks and carry bag
  6. “Easy Riser Kit” to permit set-up by one person
  7. paperwork provided: complete inventory list, set-up instructions and Certificate of Flame Resistance from Flourish Company.

(see for complete description).

Purchased September, 2017 for $2,248. Used two times.  In excellent condition.

Yours for only:  $1,273, plus shipping.

I live in Fort Myers, Florida.  Will arrange to rendezvous and deliver if you want to pick up in Florida.

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are you willing to part it out?


I'm not sure what you mean by "part it out."  If you mean sell parts of it but not the whole thing, please let me know specifically what you're interested in and what you're willing to pay.


Is this still available?
Is this still available


You inquired 9 months ago about my trimline canopy set-up and I missed your email.  So sorry.

On the off-chance you are still in the market, the answer is "yes."  I'm happy to make you a good

deal.  Delivery cost is the big unknown, but I'm open to working with you so we both get what we want.

Let me know if you're still interested.

Bill Hudson.

I am very interested in buying this from you!!!

Hi Claire,

I'm very interested in selling it to you.  Let's see what we need to do to put

a deal together.

Where are you located?  Frankly, the biggest obstacle from my point of view, is

the packing and shipping.  It's the physical task of boxing it up, toting to the shipper (hey, maybe they can pick it up), etc.  Anyway, I'm sure we can make it happen.

What is your timetable?

If you want to call me so we can actually talk rather than type, feel free.

I'm in Fort Myers, Florida, so eastern time zone.  Cell (only) phone: 575-779-3710.

What is your area code, so I can be on the lookout.  I get so may robo calls, I

usually don't answer unless the number looks familiar.


Bill Hudson

Can you send me more pictures of the whole set up at

I live in Miami.

Manny Gonzalez

I would love to purchase this.

Sorry Claire.  Manny Gonzalez bought the canopy on Thursday.

I’m very interested. please send pictures if it’s not sold. I live in Austin but going to Ocala in October for a show and can pay a deposit ahead of time and pick it up then if that works for you?


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