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After more years than I can count, I downsized. Sold my Lite Dome and Craft Hut.  I'm tired of working that hard on set up and takedown.  Especially by myself now.  I've  gone back to my roots and bought an EZ UP. If it breaks down I can buy 5 more for what I sold the good stuff for.

I heard that you can prevent the rain pooling problem in the corners by somehow using hula hoops, swimming pool noodles, boat cushions, PVC pipe, and other things.  Any one have any experience on what to do or have any suggestions?   

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I am an EZup fan as I am female and usually flying solo in my setup and breakdown. I did a very rainy event last weekend and a veteran artist near me shared a great idea which I plan to incorporate. Get a clean tuna can and a large size frisbee, glue the can to the center of the frisbee. Then when you are setting up, slide that gadget onto the uppermost point at the apex of the tent and then pop up the tent as usual. The tuna/frisbee contraption forces the fabric of the tent out taut and helps to shed the rain.

As for the pool noodle idea, if you decide to go that way, you arch them into the corners of your frame- Amazon sells white noodles. Not as cheap as the Dollar store or Walmart, but a lot less noticeable in the ceiling of your tent. 

*I also purchased the STAY-BARS from Flourish specifically for EZup. Highly recommend them. They work great and make her very sturdy. Plus you can also use them to secure grid or panels. I got top and bottom bars for @$300. Worth every penny!!!

Best of luck and welcome to the club! 

Wow. Like that tuna can/Frisbee idea.  Will try it.  I avoided the noodles due to the color.  I will now look on Amazon for white ones.  I have the stay bars and they are indeed great.  Its nice to secure the pro-panels to them.. 

REPORT:  The pool noodle idea works great in the corners. Bent ln a "U" shape.   I left my canopy out in the rain all week.  Sometimes very severe.  I used the grey heavy duty water pipe insulation covers from Home Depot.  Not the flimsy cheaper type.  The mid section of the front and back canopy top had a little pooling. I cliped on a small 3 pound home made sock sandbag and it solved the problem.

Tarp straps/bungee cords from peak to each corner work well. They don't add any bulk and will fold back up with the canopy and still fit in the bag.

How do you attach?

I use  various length electrical  cable ties for everything.  Connecting Pro Panel  display panels together, anchoring weights to canopy legs, anchoring display panels to stabilizing bars, connecting lights to cross bars, connecting name or  signs to cross bar, and  locking my door to storage.  Of course you can only use them once and must cut them to remove, but they are much stronger than Velcro connections and a bag of 100 is dirt cheap at Harbor Freight.

If you purchase the "Undercover R-2 or R-3" tent, you wont have  problem. (R-2 is better)

It has an adjustment handle / knob on the bottom of the center roof column. 

Depending on the weather, conditions, age etc. you just turn the knob to either tighten or loosen the roof. It stretches the fabric tight enough so I do not get any water pooling.

The sides of the top are clipped and Velcro'd so they don't pull away.

Sets up a bit faster and easier than many other "pop-up" type tents.

Larry Sohn, is this canopy available from Costco? I am trying to decide whether to invest in an expensive tent or go with something I can buy at Costco. It’s a high end show I am doing but I only do one per year...

I believe the R-3 is available at Costco. It is just slightly lower grade than the R-2. You would want it with the "CRS curtain walls".

However you can get it direct from Undercover.


They may call it a UC-2.

The UC-1 is even heavier gauge but I've found the UC-2 / R-2 to be great.

I made my own awnings for them.

Flourish makes staybar systems for them.

Flourish mesh panels fit them fine.


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