I have found one negative comment on the Southwest Arts Fest in Indio, Calif. I'd appreciate any insights, memories, comments, criticisms, etc., to help with a participation decision. Thanks in advance! 

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  • Yea the 15% commission does "ouch" a bit :)

  • We have done this show twice. The first time was pretty good for us and the 2nd time so-so. It tends to be an older crowd...so depending on your clientele this may work or not? It is a well organized show. I think for me it would depend on where you live and how far you would be traveling....I would probably not go more than a days drive unless you have another show closeby.


    • Thanks, Pauline. If I do this, I'd be leaving from my dad's house, which is only about 5 hours away. I live in VA, and am going to be visiting him in AZ, so am looking at shows on and near my route. I appreciate the info. Cheap booth fee, but the 15% ... at any rate, I appreciate your info. 

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