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I work for a trade show exhibit company and am trying to get into the art fair business.  My company was throwing away several sets of fabric counter panels so I snagged them and am trying to see if it is feasible to use them to display my art.

Each set of panels are four wide and hinged together.  Each panel of the set is 20"w x 40"h.  I am pretty sure they are just a honeycomb cardboard with fabric glued to the exteriror and plastic covers on the ends.  I have six sets of panels.  I think these are similar to Pro Panels.

I am stacking one set on top of another to create a full wall 80" high.  The hinged part of the panels are hollow metal dowels that I have put wooden dowels in to help align and support the top set of panels.  I also have put velcro on the top and bottom of the panels where they touch to again help align and support the top section (picture).  There are also several sets of fabric bars that attach to the panels edges that help keep panels aligned (picture).

This works out ok on a very simple basis, but in real art fair world I'm not sure they work so well.

My dilemas/worries:

No legs on the panels they just rest on the ground.  This could be a problem if the ground is not level, and we all know it won't be.  Also rain will a pose a problem.  So how do solve this?

Solidifying panels against wind.  Pro Panels have metal bars that attach on top and help make the panels more sturdy and hold up better in wind.  What can I use that might be similar and how do I attach it to the panels?

Attaching panels to the tent frame for more stability, how might I do this?

Panels are blue, not ideal, but not the end of the world for a free set of panels (if I can make them work).

Hoping the community might have some ideas/solutions to help me figure these out or just not use them at all.

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