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Connie asked me to start a discussion here to tell you about Ebates (www.ebates.com).  Ebates is an online center where some retailers give a rebate of 1% - 10% on purchases you make if you go through the ebates page first.  Sign up is free and they send you a check every three months if your rebates are over $5.00.  Some retailers will also have coupons in addition to the rebates or just coupons.  You can search by item you are looking for or by retailer.  Some of the retailers I use from the site are Office Depot, Target, Home Depot, Epson, Best Buy, and VistaPrint.  I've also gotten theme park tickets, airline tickets (Priceline and Travelocity are on there), software, computer parts, you name it.  If you do a lot of online ordering it's worth it to check ebates before you buy anything. 


One caveat - You must go through ebates and then to the ebates page for the retailer.  Some retailers have different prices.  VistaPrint is the one I notice most.  I will get one of those "free" offers from them in email and I will find that the item is free but the shipping is twice as much as it is through ebates where I pay for the item.  If I look at the bottom line the difference between the two is negligible but if I go through ebates I get an 8% rebate so the non free item is actually cheaper.  Sometimes it is the other way around.


It may not seem like much at first but when my computer died and I had to buy a new computer (Dell), upgrade all my software (Adobe!)  I got a check for $195.00. 


If you sign up using this page (no pressure) I'll get a small bonus - http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=JR7mWhkR2S0tDko0fp6Pfw%3D%3D

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  • I've used Mr. Rebates and have received the same kind of rebates there. Nice to deposit a bit of money back into the account on things that I usually order! I agree that every little bit helps. I order cat food for my brother who is disabled. We use the rebate for toys for his cats the next time. Every little bit helps.

    Here's a link http://www.mrrebates.com?refid=151973. If you click that link and sign up, I'll get a small bonus too. Thanks!
  • I've been using EBATES since 2005 and have earned over $900 in rebates. I get all my art supplies from http://www.dickblick.com and they give anywhere from 3-6% rebates through EBATES.

    It's definitely worth signing up. So far I've found no strings attached!

    Marie Scott
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