The last couple weeks I've been pondering whether or not to travel long distances to shows next year. Something Connie said in Ruth's review of the Port Angeles Art Fair made me think - it was the comment that a friend of hers who moved from Maryland to Oregon said the shows were "not the same" out here.


I know we have a lot of smaller shows and few of the top shows are west of the rockies, so are you willing to share what you think the main differences are? Are the midwest and east coast shows more fine art oriented? Are sales generally a lot better? Is a festival like La Quinta or Scottsdale or Bellevue, Wa as good as the best show in other parts of the country?


For those of you who have done shows in all areas of the country, I'd be interested in your take on this question. Do you travel west to do any other shows besides Cherry Creek?

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  • Great questions, can't wait to hear the answers!


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