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Has anyone done this show who is willing to share some pointers?  Is it worth it?  What genres sell, don't sell?  Are there good and bad locations?  Price points?  Any info thankfully received!

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I did this show several years ago. At the time, it was my worst show ever. I had a spot behind Cirque du Soleil on the very edge of the show next to the parking lot. I ask shows not to face me south or southwest in the winter because I end up fighting condensation under my framed/glass covered works on paper. I was in direct sunlight all day and got scorched and spent too much time rearranging my work. This is an all originals show, so I did not even bring my prints; I was the only one. It took a while to find the director of the show to attempt to enforce the rules, and it was a half hearted attempt. There is another show next to this one  (I believe run by House of Blues) that features lower end work, mostly inexpensive craft and folk art. The food there is expensive, so are the hotels. I was close to 0 sales halfway through the second day, so I started bargaining with people on my small stuff (sold $75 pieces for $35-$40) just to get some gas money for the ride home. The judging was done by the judges picking individual pieces they liked, bringing them to an indoor location and then giving out awards. The piece I had selected had the frame scratched (I didn't win an award either :+( ) The artist party was fun. Mickey Mouse was there during the awards ceremony. When I stood up to take pictures (I thought my son would like to see them) someone yelled at me to sit down. At least I made it home safely.

do a search on Disney and you'll find several reviews.  I know Alison Thomas has written at least one blog post on this show.

They don't allow Disney art (i.e., Mickey Mouse images) in the show and they are vigilant about enforcing their copyrights. 

They apparently don't allow ME in the show, either (I've applied three times).  They must know I own an original drawn by Chuck Jones, Warner Brothers' cartooning genius and staunch enemy of all things Disney. 

If I ever DO get in, I would love to display an image of Bugs Bunny sneaking up on Mickey with a big ol' mallet from the Acme Co.  It would make the getting-tossed-out-on-my-butt worthwhile!


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