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I was offering some classes well over a year ago at a local arts center. I took photos of the various simple low-tech projects I was planning to teach (they had no studio or equipment, just an empty room with a sink). I took out paid ads on Facebook using these photos.  I did not get any enrollment and decided not to teach these in the future. When no one signed up for the metals classes, they suggested just offering beading, but those had no enrollment either.


But now, unlike an ordinary photo on my page, I cannot delete these photos. I would like to delete them because, as very simple beginner’s projects, especially the simple beading, they don’t help a page visitor’s impression of my workmanship.

When I try to delete them, I get a message, “This photo is associated with an ad and may not be edited at this time.” Even though it is long over.  “At this time” must mean “ever,” because I have been trying since the time I decided not to offer the clasees anymore.  I can’t believe I can’t delete a photo from my own page!  


Anyone know how I can do this? Thanks. 

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This is what I found when I searched FB.... good luck


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