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I saw a listing a few months ago on Zapp for an event called "Artnado" in West Palm Beach that (supposedly) occurred in November of 2014, and is listed again (on their website) for November 14-15 2015. It is an indoor event, and sounds really interesting. Does anyone here know how it well it went, and if it is worth applying to for 2015? Website is: Facebook:

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I'm fairly sure that a tornado will form across an ocean, sucking up all the artwork, then, as the art ado moves across land, it will fling paintings down on the unsuspecting citizens. Those pedestrians with chainsaws will survive, others quill be crushed by the falling sculptures, arms decapitated by watercolor prints, you name it.

Obviously, you know nothing about this event, so why did you waste your time – and mine – with such a useless post? Looking for some real information here, so I can decide if this event is also worth my time – and money – to apply. I was told that the Zapp entry will be available in the next few days. Anyone? Anyone?

It was a movie reference to Sharknado.

OK, sorry, never saw it, but it must have been very entertaining. ;-) Hopefully, the Artnado event was (and will be) less destructive for artists. You might find this video equally entertaining/horrifying:

This does look interesting, but seems a bit odd don't you think?   They are open to everything it seems. Including allowing associates run your booth.  As artists we are used to the odd I suppose.  This is the kind of show that has to be seen first, or if you have a weekend free try it out.  I read all they had to say and looked at the application on Zapp, and true it is like nothing else out there.   Sooo this all comes down to one question really,  can these guys get the buyers to come to a fair ground to buy Fine Art.  If they can then perhaps they have stumbled on a new way of doing art fairs.  

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jack Busa and I am the Director of Artistic Synergy Inc., the Florida non profit corporation sponsoring ARTNADO. Since we all share the same goal, to achieve the greatest satisfaction possible for you-the artist, I felt obligated to comment on this current thread to assure that we do not stray too far from that goal.
As I am sure you know, all the high end, fine art shows are presented indoors, where galleries pay tens of thousands of dollars for their spaces. Individual artists, such as yourself, are forced to seek representation in a gallery (which mathematically can only handle a very small percentage of the artists) or represent themselves through art shows. The methodology, which we are employing is not something we are “stumbling” into. Much forethought was given and insight sought into what does the artists want, however, and maybe more importantly, what the patrons want, a necessary balance for a successful show. Palm Beach county was chosen because it had the requirements for booth sides of that equation. This week in West Palm Beach there will be the high end contemporary art show “Art Palm Beach 2015”. This event will be held in coordination with 7 adjoining art districts. Two additional high end shows at the same location featuring a mix of art will be held within the month; as well as numerous street tent shows. Patrons, of which there is obviously no shortage, want to attend indoor events and the advantages to the artist are already enumerated on our website.
As a “business model” we have been advised to either cut the space from a 10x20 to the standard 10x10 and to increase the prices to pay for the indoor space, air conditioning, operating costs etc.; all which have been rejected because it does not benefit you. Remember, most shows are a business designed to maximize profits; our show needs enough revenue to cover cost and the rest is used to optimize the environment for the artist's benefit. Individuals have wanted to partner with us for a percentage of the gate, again reject, since most of the gate will be going to charities. This combined with spaces being donated to charities will also contribute to the shows visibility.
Yes, we are doing things differently such as not requiring the artists to be present. What happens if you are ill, should you forfeit your fees or not be invited back. The bottom line is that you are no longer just an artist, today’s market demands you be an artist/curator/entrepreneur. This is your business, naturally you would only trust it to someone who would represent you the way you would represent yourself. Requiring everyone to have only white tents says you are all the same. You and I know you are not, that is why we have encouraged you to treat your space as a “gallery”, with you as the exclusive client. It is yours to “creatively design” as you wish as long as your do not disturb the adjoining public and private areas. Additionally, the show will optimize corners and end caps for maximum exposure.

There is too much involved to discuss here, check out the ZAPP applications and our website “”, then call us at 561-557-8741 and I will gladly go over your questions and concerns with you. If you leave a message, please, indicate that you want to speak directly to Jack.
I leave you wishing you a successful year and a memorable day.

Jack, Thank you so much for explaining and clarifying about ARTNADO. I definitely think there is a market for your business model concept – in the gap between outdoor art festivals and high-end art fairs, like Art Palm Beach and Art Basel. I sincerely hope that the stars align and the ducks line up for this years event in November. 

My wife, Cat Fenner (who writes for Sunshine Artist) and I are in Boca to exhibit my work at the Boca Raton Fine Art Show this weekend. We are hoping to make it up to Art Palm Beach later today/tonight (Friday), after we set up our tent and hang the paintings. We've been reading in Art Hive about some of the satellite events happening in West Palm Beach and are hoping to attend some of those as well. Maybe we will see you there.

I will be going to the Boca show on Sunday, so naturally I will be looking for you.

Were you at the earlier show in the Town Center because it was starting to rain while I was there and we left.

If you can go to the convention center after set up that would be nice but I believe it closes at 7 PM today. As part of the satellite shows there is "Contiuum" at 510 Fern Street and in Lake Worth whish is closer to Boca is the Benzaiten Center at 1105 2nd Ave. which is having glass blowing demonstartions starting at 7Pm

We're looking forward to seeing you in Boca on Sunday. Our booth number is 156.

Thank you for the info about the satellite shows! We will look at some of the options after Art Palm Beach closes.

Turns out our booth number has been changed to #120, which also affects our setup time. So we are going to clean up, have lunch, and head on up to Art Palm Beach this afternoon. We'll need to come back to Boca this evening to setup our booth.

I was one of the artists who paid the premium booth fee at Artnado 2015. It was a well planned and executed show except for one factor: no buyers! The event was not promoted... no ads, no radio, NOTHING!
I bet there were less than 50 people who dared walk past the highly-publicized Gun Show and pay the $7 entry fee to Artnado.
If those who wondered if people will come to the Fairgrounds for an art show may have their answer. If Jack (the promoter) were to spend more time and budget on promotions the event may have had a chance of success.

It is sad that an educated person like Mr. Malone who was constantly emailed information about the advertising that was being done; which was also placed on our website would make such accusations. Given that the rumors were quelled after people were, again, shown copies of the ads and inserts, could only make me wonder why he would make, on a public forum, such libelous and slanderous remarks. Ads were placed in all the areas major publications, announcements were sent to all the minor publications, and a major effort was made through the online services that specialize in the arts. This show which was designed to bring artists inside so that did not have to be on the street was advertised more then the majority of the street shows. And while Mr. Malone would of lost the bet on attendance, that number probably does reflects the number of gallery owners and business people that attended looking for artists. At least 4 artists who purchased tickets to the show and saw the lack of a crowd asked to be in the next show. Did he also mention that the Gun show's attendance was off by half, that the major venues downtown were empty. The show was an artistic and curatorial success with vendors from this year asking to come back next time and others who wanted to actively participate. So if Mr. Malone shamelessly, against the facts he is aware of, wants to say there was that there was no ads and not promoted then the  real question is "Why is he being so malicious and spreading lies". Additionally, Mr. Malone's "premium booth fees" were actually probably the lowest cost per square foot then most of the tent shows and unheard of for an indoor show. As a personal note I find it sad that an individual, in any area, would  lie about the facts. How will he prove in a slander suit that the gun show was heavily advertised. - Jack Busa


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