I saw a listing a few months ago on Zapp for an event called "Artnado" in West Palm Beach that (supposedly) occurred in November of 2014, and is listed again (on their website) for November 14-15 2015. It is an indoor event, and sounds really interesting. Does anyone here know how it well it went, and if it is worth applying to for 2015? Website is: http://www.artisticsynergy.org/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Artistic-Synergy/700981529974598?ref=stream

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  • Wow. If 50 people came I'd be surprised! Stay away from this one. Everyone just stood around and talked to each other. Some of the artists bailed the first day. The rest stayed around to see if the $$ prizes were awarded. Never found out if they were or not. Very strange responses from the organizer...

    • Comments by a person who was not part of a show not only contains no validity but they destroy the validity of the forum they are posting to. To comment about “Very strange responses from the organizer...” when you did not only not receive them but who’s correspondence was praised by many for going above and beyond anything they have received from the other shows they have participated in is morally and ethically wrong. Additionally to open yourself to slander and defamation of character by publishing highly false attendance figures is an act of foolishness. Interesting that the comments seem very familiar to those made by an artist in attendance because their work did not draw the same attention and sales that other artists were enjoying. Pity that they needed a surrogate to act in their place.


      • Pure nonsense. My wife was in the fair. We do all of our art fairs as a team and it seems you're now calling your Artnado events something akin to 'Gallery Showings' and not 'art fairs.' It doesn't matter what you call it, if few people attend, few people attend. I've been to garage sales with more attendees. I believe you're taking advantage of people and you should prove to us that you're not the only ones making a profit from your 'gallery showing' events.

        In addition, if later, some of us speak up about our experiences negatively you threaten us with lawsuit lingo like 'slander,' and 'defamation.' No respectable organizer would ever jump in the gutter like that and your endless sheafs of bizarre emailed proclamations and web-posting justifications are unintelligible at best, embarrassing at worst, and in the end, only indicate a weak cause. In fact, it would take an act of congress to get me to sit down and read it all.

        How about this, instead of renting a ready-made hall at the fairgrounds and calling it the 'future of art fairs,' do the sweat and legwork like the Allens and Amdurs of the world. You'd find that if you worked with city councils, cops, local businesses, etc. you wouldn't be sitting around chat rooms whining about how people don't treat you right. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

        • I will not lend any  credence to this rant by dignifying it with a response

  • I was one of the artists who paid the premium booth fee at Artnado 2015. It was a well planned and executed show except for one factor: no buyers! The event was not promoted... no ads, no radio, NOTHING!
    I bet there were less than 50 people who dared walk past the highly-publicized Gun Show and pay the $7 entry fee to Artnado.
    If those who wondered if people will come to the Fairgrounds for an art show may have their answer. If Jack (the promoter) were to spend more time and budget on promotions the event may have had a chance of success.
    • Ron, I too, exhibited at Artnado this year. And yes, the crowds were very thin for this first-time event, but there WERE sales. While I personally did not sell any artwork, some of my neighbors did, and I made some professional connections that I feel will lead to sales down the road. Ron, you have to understand this is a new business model for a moderately priced indoor art fair. It will take some time to build this kind of show. I have been assured that the promoter now realizes that they will need to acquire sponsors and media partners for next year to have the kind of marketing budget it will take to build a following of art patrons for Artnado. 

      I did 54 outdoor art festivals over 3 years before doing Artnado. I knew it was going to be a huge risk trying a first-time show, as well as a new art business model, but I so believed in the concept for this type of show, that I was willing to roll the dice. So it didn't work out so well this year, but we are going to continue to support the show, and try again next year. I have officially retired from outdoor art shows. For me, they were not worth the time, expense, or risk. But I think indoor venues are a better way to sell art, and we need to support the promoters who are trying to make that happen. I am now getting into traditional galleries, and considering online galleries, but I would also like to be able to do shows like Artnado as a dignified, comfortable, and hopefully, profitable way to sell art. Please continue to give this a chance.

      • I have a question...

        How does one go about getting artwork into galleries? Do you just "drop them a line" with some digital files of your work? Or show up (unannounced OR announced) at the gallery with a portfolio?

        Are there people that "represent" artists, like a manager or an agent?

        And if so, how do you go about checking them out and who might be best for you?

        What about these bigger shows (such as the satellite shows at Art Basel this past weekend?) 

        Four pieces of my work were chosen for one of them, but their location was at the edge of the event, and while there was no charge to be included, I am wondering if I might have had better results in one of the paid ones? (Although the one I checked had a very high price for participation, in my opinion.)

        • The first thing to do is figure out what galleries are the best fit for your work. Then look at their web page to see if they have "submission guidelines" posted. Most do these days. If not, put together a submission portfolio consisting of cover letter, resume, artist statement, bio, and 10 or so high quality images of your work. Most galleries seem to prefer email submissions, so send that whole package via email to the gallery director. Then, cross your fingers! I'd suggest never just showing up at the gallery. Any gallery director I've talked to has told me that's a huge pet peeve.

    • It is sad that an educated person like Mr. Malone who was constantly emailed information about the advertising that was being done; which was also placed on our website artisticsynergy.org would make such accusations. Given that the rumors were quelled after people were, again, shown copies of the ads and inserts, could only make me wonder why he would make, on a public forum, such libelous and slanderous remarks. Ads were placed in all the areas major publications, announcements were sent to all the minor publications, and a major effort was made through the online services that specialize in the arts. This show which was designed to bring artists inside so that did not have to be on the street was advertised more then the majority of the street shows. And while Mr. Malone would of lost the bet on attendance, that number probably does reflects the number of gallery owners and business people that attended looking for artists. At least 4 artists who purchased tickets to the show and saw the lack of a crowd asked to be in the next show. Did he also mention that the Gun show's attendance was off by half, that the major venues downtown were empty. The show was an artistic and curatorial success with vendors from this year asking to come back next time and others who wanted to actively participate. So if Mr. Malone shamelessly, against the facts he is aware of, wants to say there was that there was no ads and not promoted then the  real question is "Why is he being so malicious and spreading lies". Additionally, Mr. Malone's "premium booth fees" were actually probably the lowest cost per square foot then most of the tent shows and unheard of for an indoor show. As a personal note I find it sad that an individual, in any area, would  lie about the facts. How will he prove in a slander suit that the gun show was heavily advertised. - Jack Busa

  • This does look interesting, but seems a bit odd don't you think?   They are open to everything it seems. Including allowing associates run your booth.  As artists we are used to the odd I suppose.  This is the kind of show that has to be seen first, or if you have a weekend free try it out.  I read all they had to say and looked at the application on Zapp, and true it is like nothing else out there.   Sooo this all comes down to one question really,  can these guys get the buyers to come to a fair ground to buy Fine Art.  If they can then perhaps they have stumbled on a new way of doing art fairs.  

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