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I see on Zapp that there are shows out there taking applications. But after what happened to me this year and the money I lost because there were shows that did not return my money well I am a little gun shy. What about the rest of you but to be honest I can’t afford to lose any more money sales have not been great so I kind of have to play it safe.

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I'm not doing any applying for now. I'm doing the -wait and see.

I'm fortunate that I have been collecting unemployment from my show earnings on pandemic assistance for self employed here in Ohio. I also created new items to sell online.

But that's not what I would like to be doing in 2021!

There are a few shows that I have been accepted into for 2021 from my 2020 apps. Depends, though. I'm waiting.

I'm taking the same approach. But online for me is not very conducive to my fiber art...just hoping

I'm being conservative and hopeful.  My sights are set on June.  I won't apply to any shows that take place before then and mostly I will do shows that are carrying over my acceptance from last year.  I've decided not to do at least one show that would be indoors because that still might not be a good idea in June of 2021.  In the meantime I'm looking forward to a productive winter and making some larger experimental pieces that I will show at galleries and art centers.  It will be interesting to see where this takes my work.  

I've also been lucky to get enough online sales to cover expenses. 

I have signed up for the shows that I was accepted to last year that have automatically accepted us for 2021.  They have waived the jury fee so there will be no financial commitment until the booth fee is due.  By that time, we may have more information.

I'm already signed up for Comic Con International's Art Show-- rolled over from this year, due to the (physical) convention being cancelled. We were offered the choice of "2021" or a refund-- most artists chose "2021".

This year, we did have an "on line" art show. Of sorts. On Tumbler, for some reason (chosen by somebody NOT associated with the Art Show). It was free to participate, and, I suppose, worth the cost. Sold one item-- which, in dollar terms, was less than 10% of usual. Amount of effort was about the same (but different)-- had to take pics of everything, write descriptions, and upload to Square Market, but show expenses were waaaayyyy down-- no "jacked up for special event" parking fees was the biggest savings.

I have applied to a number of shows starting in Feb. but only applying to shows that state the return of my booth fee should show be cancelled due to covid. Keeping my fingers crossed the shows are a go. I too have been able to collect unemployment which will run out in Jan.

We are not applying for any big shows until the second half of 2021. We will consider small outdoor options for May or June. We have a show we love to do in July, but who knows what will happen. If they decide to move forward we will probably apply to the show. 

My starting point for shows will be June.  I applied for several to date.,  Dont know why June but its just a guess based on what I read and analyze.  It just could be I will loose a lot of money again on cancelled shows and promoters keeping my booth fee because “they have expenses”.  Maybe shots wont work and half the country will be dead and there will be no customers. 

That’s the whole story promoters have always come out on top been that way since the beginning of time the little guy always lose
Oh good luck this year.

I don't plan on any Colorado resort area shows until after July. I'm watching numbers and will be watching effectiveness of vaccine and numbers after that. Colorado is currently at condition Red and is considering a condition Purple. The other factor is work coming in. January is almost full and next time slots would usually be September but I'm getting inquires for summer. 

I am waiting for the last minute to sign up for new shows. I lost a lot of money too from the shows refusal to refund due to COVID, and decided that I would not apply for any show that did not refund any portion of my money I paid in advance.

I finally got unemployment insurance a week ago, after applying several times...but it does not compare to what I could earn on the shows.


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