Do artists carry guns?

A while ago I was told that jewelry exhibitors carry guns.  So tonight I googled "do jewelry exhibitors carry guns?".  The second page produced an application with the following statement.

Ours is a family-oriented event, and exhibits must be in keeping with this atmosphere. Animals and alcohol are prohibited. For the health and safety of artists, crafters, and fair attendees, no pets, no carry-ins, and no firearms
are allowed at Cheery Cherry Fall Fair.


I have not seen such wording on other applications.  Have I been naive?

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  • I like the axe idea, or better yet, a chainsaw. Jewelers could cut off a thief's hand as he/she is taking that ring. The chainsaw leaves a more dramatic visual image. That will stop anyone from even thinking about taking anything.

    • Then some nutcase will want to register chainsaws.

      • ...Says a master of the slippery slope argument.

  • All the shows I have done so far, have always had security and lots of other vendors around. In Arizona last Spring shows were warning vendors of thieves stealing merchandise, but they were stealing from cars & tents that were left unattended, no guns. I always carry a knife with me and will carry a gun if I feel that I might be unsafe at a show. I think it would only be of use if you ran into trouble going to your car, not like you could pull a gun on someone in your booth during the show for someone stealing something. Shooting someone as their running away will land you in jail.

    • Right Brian, in Colorado you cannot even display a gun to a potential thief. It all boils downtown the concept of "threat of impending bodily harm". That is why education is so important. If someone is driving off with your art work in your truck, you cannot even shoot out a tire or you land in jail for assault.
  • The very first thing anybody must do if they're considering carrying a weapon is you go through and pass a gun safety course taught by a qualified person!

    Nobody, and I mean nobody should possess a gun without the knowledge of what it can do.

    You must be taught how to sight it in, aim it, shoot it, and clean it. And most of all respect it for what it is.

    • I couldn't agree more. 

    • Ditto Chris and I would add you need to practice, practice , practice at the range to maintain your edge and knowledge. That is part of the being responsible.
      • Sadly, there seem to be many who would claim to be "responsible gun owners"  ... until they're not.

        • Bill, I get the impression you are against guns. And that's ok by me. If you don't like them, don't own one. You have that right. Nobody is going to demand you do something you are against doing.

          But I too have the right to own a firearm. And in the 50 years I have been shooting, I have yet to point my weapon at another person.

          What's next? Removing the Biathalon from the Winter Olympics?

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