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Been crazy busy preparing for my first art fair.
I could not afford a set of pro-panels so I decided to build a 9 panel/3 wall system.

The frame is made of 2x2 pine.

I used 1/4'' plywood on the face

I finished the wall and legs with graphite colored outdoor carpet.

I purchased 2'' velcro, some snap grommets and curtain hooks to make some hangers.

I would have purchased harmon hooks, but didn't have time to fill out the order form, mail it in and hope to get them in time for the art fair this weekend.

The grommet was installed backwards on this, but you get the idea.

I hung one of my heavier pieces on the hook for a few hours and it never budged.

Finished size is 28x38 and has real glass in the frame.

Here are 3 panels side by side. When installed in the tent all 3 walls (9 panels) will be fastened together to make one solid piece. I will also be taking measures to ensure they are anchored and attached to the tent.

Finished size with carpet for the individual panels are 39'' wide by 6'6'' tall.


Please feel free to share your thoughts, good or bad on this.

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How much do you charge? I am so impressed! The only question i have is how heavy are they and remember, every bit of weight you add minus gas mileage!!! I found out by just adding a roof top carrier i lost 2 or 3 miles per gallon!! I must be mindful of what i am putting in that crazy thing and is it generating $$$$!!  Your art is beautiful...and much luck and safe travels!! Peace, Maureen
These are AWESOME and they look great! Another project for my husband, lol.  Jacqui

Thanks for the feedback, they are a bit heavy. I just need them to get me through the few shows I am doing this year.

thanks for the compliment on my photos as well, I appreciate the kind words.


Here is a temp setup in my garage.


The only comments are that you could have eliminated the plywood panels and filled in the space with rigid insulation. I've seen DIY panels that were done with 1x2 stock in an H ladder with 3/4 inch insulation. They were quite light and sturdy. The cross members were attached with screws.


The other issue is that I would have brought the side rails up above the top so they could be fastened onto the tent frame with bungees or zip ties and give the entire setup more rigidity and weight. My old DIY panels extended about 4 inches above the bottom of the scissor struts to make a secure tie point.


The overall job looks pretty good. Not bad at all :-)

Thanks for the suggestions, All of them make a ton of sense to me.


The art fair, went ok. I didn't recoup all of my expenses but I still have enough product to bring to the next one without re-upping anything. I know these things are hit or miss, so I am not feeling down about the sales and I am looking forward to the next one.


This is what it looked like. I forgot table clothes, but better yet I should have had print bins/stands/or whatever they are called but as I mentioned I was on a tight budget.


Once I sell the framed pieces I will be moving away from them completely and I will also be moving away from matted loose prints too. Too much time and hassle IMHO.

I am so impressed! I am in the process of designing a new set-up, from the ground up. I had decided on a set of Pro Panels because they look so professional. The Pro Panels with accessories are going to cost more than my last vehicle! Your set-up looks very professional, but how do you connect the panels? How do you stabilize your panels? I would like as many details as you can give me, because if I can build something that looks that good I can use that $2000 on art supplies instead!

wow!  this is something we have been thinking about nice to see someone else beat us to it and it looks wonderful!!  Bravo!

Can you please explain re: your hangers?  Why did you add the velcro? Are these removeable?


thank you!

Claudia & Sergio solved our problem for us! 

Going to give this a whirl!


Thanks for your suggestions!!  I tried a version of this today and I am going to try to add pictures of my results.  The ladder in the third picture is about 20lbs.  To reduce weight I removed the plywood and added triangular braces in the corners.  I have also used indoor/outdoor carpet and have put the curtain hook directly through the carpet to hang pictures on.  I still have some front to back wiggle that I'll have to remedy when the whole booth goes together, but there is no side to side wiggle at all.

Nicely done! I am currently making my own panels using conduit and foam insulation.

It's interesting that conduit is on a price level with wooden pieces, and cheaper than 2x2 stock. Another artist I know made his from 1x2 stock on edge, using foam sheets. To cut down on wastage, he made the panels 2 foot wide, so the 4x8 foam panels were cut down into 2'x6' (actually a little smaller). The H ladder frame had another horizontal stringer in the middle, so the piece was actually 2'x3'. That left a 2'x4' section from the 4'x8' panel at the bottom that was cut down to 2'x3', and the remaining scrap was only 1 foot by 2 foot, which wasn't bad at all. The foam panels are around 10-12 bucks a sheet, so you want to void as much scrap as possible.

As an extra suggestion, as I mentioned up further in this thread, allow some height on the verticals to stick up beyond the top of the panels. It'll give you something to either bungee or zip tie into your tent frame, plus you can run a bar acros the top for stability. A couple of 12 foot painter poles will reach across the 10x10 tents diagonally for good cross bracing. 

My issue with conduit was that I didn't know how to deal with connecting the pieces if I used the metal conduit.  I liked the rigidity of the lumber and with the version I've made, I don't need the center foam.  I am planning on putting eye hooks on the top of these to zip tie to the tent.  I figure that will give me enough balance to make it work.   

The painter poles are a really good idea though.  I was trying to figure out a way to get some length and still stay inside the vehicle.  


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