We've turned a Promaster van into a cuckoo clock gallery to display or handmade clocks. We sold five clocks at our first art show up here in north Georgia and are raring to do more. Since we missed dealdines for winter shows I'm looking at what is still open spo we can get ourselves out there.9833423854?profile=RESIZE_710x

The van has been accepted in the Delray Affair.  I understand the event is a mix of family kinds of things and also a fine arts section. Our clocks are $900 and above. Are we a good fit?



The American Cuckoo Clock Company

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  • Hi Mary,

    Depends upon the show. So far it can go wither way. Usually they locate us at an end. But these aren't the big formal shows where real estate is at a premium. Those who allow it love it. We got best in show at an event this summer. I'm sure it was due to the clocks in large measure, but the presentation had a lot to do with it too.

    Now that I'm looking at some of the bigger shows I am finding that they want us to have a conventional booth, period. Ugh. More work and investment! So now we're figuring out how to make walls that are sturdy enough for the weight on the clocks (the weights are over 3# each) that will stand flat enough to run the clocks. And that I can set up alone. I guess the bright side is we have the perfect vehicle in which to haul it ;)



  • Hi Jodie, I can't advise you about the Delray show, but i am curious about your mobile gallery.  What size booth do you have to buy so the whole thing can fit?  Have you met with any resistance from show directors about using this setup?  I imagine a corner booth would work best for you.


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