I'm very new here and I couldn't find a help button or anything in the discussion board about how to remove or delete a photo once you've uploaded it.  So, now that I figured it out all by myself after a while of searching, I thought I would share and post something for future newbies =)

When you are in Photos - My Photos - click on the photo you would like to Edit or Delete - Then an option box appears at the top right corner - click on that - It will then give you the option to edit or delete the photo - That's it! =)~

I still haven't figured out where the "Member's Map" page is or how to get rid of the "Main Room" chat discussion that is no longer relevant - but I'll keep plugging away.



Derry NH


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  • Good for you! It is pretty easy - usually if you just hover your mouse over the image, near the bottom left corner, you have the choice of "edit" or delete. The cool thing about the edit is you can make the images any size you like and add "padding", that is, you can wrap the text around the photos, or if the text is too close to the photo you add a "1" in the padding and it moves it away and looks map.

    Member's Map is found near the top - see where it says Members in the top line of navigation tabs? Hover your cursor over that and you'll see several choices there, one of which is Member Map.

    Chat - and members online can be deleted by clicking on the minus - in the yellow bar at the top.

    • Thank you Connie SOOO MUCH!  =D   I found the Member's Map and added myself.

      This place is so much fun! 

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