This past weekend I just about had it with my EZ-up which was new last year. In a nut shell I bought it for about $150 (worth about $199 or so I was told via the tag at Sam's Club) to replace one that has lasted 6 years (not an EZ-up). Well, the first show I used it, the truss broke clean off. I returned it the next day, with pictures as evidence and got a new one. The same exact thing happened again - mind you I do have experience setting them up and taking them down. So I couldn't return it and went to EZ-UP directly (via their website and phone) and told them about the situation. They said the best thing is to order the part. Of course the part wasn't in stock for 6 weeks (ending up being 8 weeks) and wasn't able to even use the canopy again for the rest of last year due to their "out of stock" situation. So, I since had it fixed and was fine and put it away. Was super excited to use it this past weekend - ready to put the past behind me and low and behold once getting the canopy out of the bag the truss fell onto the ground before i even had the bag off, with another truss about to break. Now aside from needing to replace this CRAP canopy, my question is this... Should I salvage the canopy as much as possible and sell the parts (say on ebay or in the classified section here) or finally do what I have been wanting to do with it for awhile - take it out into the back yard and with a baseball bat just have fun? BTW, the EZ-UP was an Embassy II.

canopy and booth pictures 010.jpg

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  • I just got a new to me Trimline for the past few shows and I love it.  I loved my Craft Hut too but I just couldn't get the top on without help.  I really love that I can put up the Trimline by myself.  Actually I have needed help with it but that was because I made stupid mistakes like not putting the EZ riser in the right place.  Next time I will get it up by myself.

  • Not sure if you got my message, have a light dome, great condition, if interested email me for details
    • I have had a Trimline for 1 and 1/2 years now - loving it. I think I mentioned this in either this post or one not too long after this post). - Michelle
  • If you haven't gotten a tent by now, I am selling my light dome, great condition, I am retiring after over 30 years; they totally stand behind their product, just had new zippers put in and snap straps replaced, only $80, so its like new, due to health reasons I am finished with shows, asking $600, this tent holds up to rain, wind, storms, etc, check out their site, they sell for over $1200. I am a petite 5 ft tall, can put up by myself, I loved it, never leaked, you get storage bags, straps and weights as well, if interested contact me at;
    • Hi Claudia do you still have your tent for sale ?I would like some pics and more info if possible .
      thanks Randall
  • Michelle,
    Re: your "only complaint": Sounds like you didn't order a rear door for your tent. If you order your tent with a rear door, a "fifth leg "is supplied (it is positioned about 1/3 of the way in from either rear corner, creating the opening for the door). Otherwise, one of the sta-bars works fine with the easy riser, as you've pointed out.

    It's a great investment! Enjoy!

    The directions were clear enough on how to use the easy riser. I thought there would be an actual 5th leg, but the "5th" leg was one of the sta bars. My husband and I had to scratch our heads on what is wrong - but figured it out after 30 mins. We almost thought it just didn't come with the shipment.
  • (BTW-This is ALWAYS WalMart and Sam's way of dealing with vendors).

    Not only Wally World, but Home Depot, Lowes, Kmart, TARGET, BJ's, etc. All the big box stores do this. They tell the supplier the price they will pay, and the supplier either finds a way to produce a product for that price, or they walk. And to a lesser degree, so does Macy's, Kohls, JC Penny, Sears, etc.

    Same thing with appliances. There are the ones you see at the stores, and then there are "Builder's grade" appliances they put in new homes with appliance packages. A lower quality but also at a lower price.

    So it's not just Wally World.

    But remember, The canopies you see in the stores were NOT stocked with the idea of artists/crafters being their main customers. Not even close. They are there for the people who want an "Easy" tent for their backyard gatherings, etc. And the cheapies fill the bill perfectly. They set it up , and if it lasts the summer, they're happy.
  • Michelle

    I had the EXACT same thing happen with Sam's Club. I ended up talking to on the phone. I was told that EZ Up lowers the quality of the tents sold to Sam's Club because of the presure they are put under to keep the price low. (BTW-This is ALWAYS WalMart and Sam's way of dealing with vendors). I ordered an EZ Up from HutShop (with free shipping) and have a good tent now. I learned: NEVER buy ANYTHING from WalMart or Sam's. It does not save you money in the long run. Plus they treat their employees poorly. Not a good company to support. (Sorry, I got on my soap box ... at least I didn't buy it from WalMart!)
  • Save the "skeleton" of the EZ if you can and use it for indoor shows as a support for your walls, etc.
  • I do have it still. What part are you looking for? Please send me a message via a link to my profile regarding the details. I can ship it - but you will have to pay for the shipping and the part. I am not looking much for the parts though - I don't gauge fellow artists, like some "companies" do. - Michelle

    Philip Gumo said:
    Hi there,
    I was wondering if by any chance you still have your EZ Up Tent. I am looking to buy one fo rthe parts.

    Robin Chard said:
    Did you get the Embassy II? I bought one at Sams for my first tent for about the same price and the thing was a disaster! a 15 mph wind (althought the legs were staked) flexed the top and ripped the joints apart on six! joints. I called around and did some research and even called a distributor and he told me that that tent was just a lemon. badly designed and even made with too thin metal. I bought another ez up. (never learn) but this one is totally different. the truss stucture is much better and the tent is heavyer. Just out of the bag it is different. cost twice as much. but you get what you pay for sometimes. I think that they dumped those on Sams to get rid of them and we were the unfortunate dupes. I could have gotten the joints replaced but I needed a reliable tent. Good luck to you!
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