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Looking for info on the Crozet show in Virginia

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I didn't do very well at the spring show although a follow-up sale gave me some profit out of it.  If you are in an outside pole barn space and some inside pole barn spaces you will need to bring something to cover the part of your display that is exposed to the elements.  You will be able to put up your tent frame but not your tent.  The center outside pole barn space is lousy for traffic flow.  I was in the pole barn so I can't tell you much about the big tent but I think it might be a better spot.  This is a neighborhood type show with lots going on for the kiddies.  Not the best selling venue.  The one framed piece I sold was sold to the lady running the popcorn stand across from my booth...

Thank You!  I had a jeweler next to me at boardwalk in VA Beach a couple of years ago and he thought well of the show.  Your detailed reply inclines me to look elsewhere.  Thanks again...

There is another show in that area the same weekend.  It is either the Paragon Fairfax show or Arts in the Park in Richmond.  I did the fall Fairfax show and it wasn't great but it wasn't bad either.   Arts in the Park looks like it would be a terrible show for artists, large and appeared to be a lot of buy-sell, but it was one of my best for the season.

I was wrong, I just read the Zapp notice and Crozet is a different weekend this year.

Thanks for thinking about this question in such detail. We make glass and are looking for shows that draw people looking for larger works in the 500-1,000 price range. Our website is I travel all of the eastern US and as far west as St. louis. If I can return the favor let me know. One of these days i will try a Paragon show.

I have participated in the Crozet show in the past and it is a well organized show. It is one show where they do care about the artists; they even have an artists reception on Saturday evening that is quite nice. However, I personally do not think this show would be an appropriate venue for your work at this time. The biggest reason is your price range; if you offer smaller pieces at a lower price point then it might work for you. I think they may be trying to make the leap from a craft/art show to a higher end art show. While there are people in the Charlottesville area with the disposable income to support this type of show, I think it may be awhile before those clientele are aware of the change, and start coming. 

thank you Alesia for taking the time to give me more insight into the show.  Your detailed info is just what i needed to know.  I will be happy to return the favor.

I was also looking into the Crozet show.  I went to the show website, saw a photo of the show with several booths showing, and could see immediately it was not for me.

If you look in past discussions, you'll find a whole thread of Crozet answers. I did the spring, fall, spring show (3 of them). Was even on their postcard. Got juried out as soon as they went to zapp. My sales were not really worth returning for...(the bulk of my price points are $25-$450, with others ranging up to $895). If yours are above $200, you are pretty well sunk. Sorry. It's a well run show, just not for the art crowd. More of a craft show, and, as that, it does well. I don't see them moving into the art show bracket.

I did not get into the show when they went to Zapp either.  I definitely agree with you that it is more of a craft show, but I do believe that they are trying to make that leap to an art show. I do not feel that they will be successful until they change venues and get rid of some of the other things that make it feel more of afternoon out with the family. However, I did pretty well there and was very disappointed when they went to Zapp.


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