I just got my Crown Display cases and they're so easy to set up and take  almost no space.

Right now they're discounting some cases, the sticky paper on the plexi is a bit hard to come off,so they're offering a discount on those until they're gone.

Ask for Robert Nilsson and talk with him about some discounted inventory. They also have a canvas bag with pockets for each panel, you definately want that, they're only $30 each for the carry bags, helps store,protect and transport your cases. They take no time at all to assemble.

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  • I have a suggestion for the scratch problem. Go to home depot and buy some clear window film and put it on the top of the cases. Cut to size, spray case with window cleaner, lay down film, squeege and you can't even see it but it will protect the top of the case.

    • Great idea,I'll do that. A much more diplomatic solution than smacking someone! I hate it when they throw their keys on my cases.I had one woman spill her beer on my case when she knocked it over....

      • Gorgeous cases, Michelle, very classy layout.

        Are you asking about the sign in the back of the booth? Bigger maybe?

        • I think I need it on the front of the cases,since the pedestals and cases are right up front and I've noticed people don't really look much farther into the booth than that. I couldn't believe someone set their beer cup on my case and then knocked it over, it ran down the case and made a mess. It wasn't like they were trying on jewellery... You would have thought that she would have had her companion offer to hold her beer.....

          • The reason to have it on the back is to catch the eye of people who are walking down the middle of the show -- down lower on your cases no one will see it.

            • Interesting... Never thought about that.

  • Finally got a quick pic of booth with Crown cases. They're easy to put up and love nice. Only thing, easy to scratch and people just love to throw their keys and anything that will scratch them on your cases...I think I should put up a sign, "don't throw your crap on my cases!"981299730?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    Only say it in a nice way...suggestions on that sign?

  • Do you have a picture of your setup?  How many cases did you get?



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