I want to add an extra layer of wind-proofing to my set up when the wind is bad and am looking for some cross-straps, whatever they're called so I can X them on two sides of the tent. I have a Trimline, stabars, plenty of weight, can't think of much else to add other than the straps to keep the tent from popping into my pottery shelves.

I want white straps. Not sure how everyone is attaching them, how long they should be (tent is 9 feet usually) and where the best place to find them might be. I'm over on Amazon looking right now.

Also open to any other suggestions.

Thanks! (I have been wandering through all the other posts on here, didn't see anything specific on the straps...maybe because for most it's common sense and you just popped down to Home Depot or Lowes :-) )

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  • They are easy to find but I doubt you will find them in white.

    • How long do they need to be? I found these on Amazon, 12 ft: https://www.amazon.com/SGT-12-Foot-1-Inch-Buckle-Lashing/dp/B00EJSZ...

      • p.s. I'm not even sure they're the right kind.

        • Those lashing straps need to connect one end to the other. Wrong type. What you need are ratchet straps that allow you to fasten one end to the tent at the top of the leg and the other end at the opposite legs bottom and then crank to apply tension. You will need a total of 6 (or 8 if you plan to fasten them on the tent entrance at night when you leave)

          This is one option of many that are available  

          • Thank you! I've had my tent go down/trashed and I've gotten a little skittish since then, always trying to find ways to stop the wind-freak-out. Looking for some rubber furniture pads also. After that I need to give it a break and just know I've done the best I can...

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