Looking for info on this show. Is attendance really 100,000? Sales? I pass through this area and know the Crocker Park development but have never seen the show. It does not seem to rank in the top 300 on the sourcebook- any insight?

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  • Maybe when they held it twice a year, it got that many visitors. There used to be a fall and an early summer show there. But I think 100K is overstating it a bit. I haven't done it the past few years, as it conflicts with Old Town/Wells St. There are buyers there, though, and I'm going to do it again this year. Had enough of the drunks at Wells Street, the early morning setup, the late night tear-down and the lack of sales last few years.

    I think the ratio of quality buyers to lookers may be higher at Crocker Park, even though it may not reach the 100,000 mark. It's easy to do, logistically, with drive-in setup, free parking less than a block away, good snacks and decent toilets (not port-potties), and good management by the Guild staff. Sales have fallen off some since the first shows there, and it may suffer the same fate as other mixed use developments around the country: high vacancy rates and tenants with less money to spend than pre-recession economy. But who knows? This year it seems like a crap shoot.

    • Thanks, Jim. Nicely detailed. I know that development well because it is a good lunch stop for me on the way home from midwest shows. I have done well at Boston Mills consistently so this seeme worth a try.
      • did you do crocker park?  how was it?

        • Meh.
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