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I remember reading on one of the blogs a few months ago (I can't find it) that there was a "Square like" processing company that allowed you to retain the customer's email address.  Can anyone tell me the name of that company and any other information about it's reliability compared to Square?  I really like Square, but last weekend I mistakenly keyed in $25 instead of $250 and can only hope that this person, once she gets her credit card statement and realizes my mistake will then get in touch with me.  She lives in Norway, and I have heard that Norwegians are very honest.

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  • I use PayPal Here and it will let you key in a email address.  However, I always ask for a phone number and have never been refused.  I tell them it is just incase there is a question or problem. 

    • Hi all  Im wondering about using credit card processing for art fairs---I think paypal sounds like a good idea .  If anybody has  comments on using credit cards --I never have .  Any info would be welcome--Thanks Much ;-)

  • I can well understand your frustration with your mistake. But as a customer I would not want my email address given out to every merchant I do business with.

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