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There is only one show a year that I do that would be classified as a craft show (generally lower end products and buy/sell) and the funds mostly go to scholarships and the like (501c3). This year, they added in a jury fee, $25. I am used to jury fees for art shows, I am wondering if there is normally jury fees for craft shows? I know one artist, that is partially a consultant for them, was telling them to add one because all the shows do it and it would be extra funds. No surprise that they added it.

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I would confront them on it.

If they allow buy-sell, do they even have a jury? The "jury fee" started as the fee to cover the costs of an actual outside paid jury. If no jury, then there should not be a jury fee. Let them call it an "application fee" if they must extract more money. I heard of one famously soft-juried show that changed theirs to an application fee.  

we artists and craftsmen have pockets full of many and get quite wealthy working every week selling tons of our products. We should be glad to part with some of our fortune to pay a jury fee for doing nothing

Oh, that's funny!

I pay a processing fee to a show where I am fortunate enough that I do not need to go through the jurying. Same price as the jury fee.

They could call it your "Pre-juried" fee, Judy! 

Yes! They do get some reputable jurors so I'm relieved that I don't have to fret over it!

Shows that do not have any fee, regardless of calling it a jury fee or application fee, are more than likely in need of finding artists and crafts people to participate in their show. I've seen some shows with a $10 app fee and from there show app fees go upwards of $50+. However i haven't yet come across a show with a $0 fee.

I have. Local shows with an army of volunteers. Such shows that don't charge are becoming increasingly rare. 


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