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Craft Hut Tent and Jewelry Display Items for Sale in Florida


My name is Robert Ramaglia, Ye Olde Silversmith, in Port ST. Lucie, Fl. I've done art shows for the last 20 years and just retired due to serious health reasons. I have a craft hut tent with 3 awnings, stabilizer bars, poles and weights and also jewelry display items: 6 blue carpeted pro-panel risers, (not the pro-panel tables pictures) 2 six foot folding tables, 1 card table with matching fitted navy blue table covers, 9x 12 blue out door rug, and light blues drapes for sale. (risers alone were $150 each) If you do art shows these items are perfect or to have a spare tent in case of emergencies. Selling craft hut tent for $350 and the jewelry display items for $250. My  number is 772-336-1307

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I want to give this a shout out. I've used a Craft Hut since 1990. I'm on my second one. I bought the replacement used. Craft Hut isn't made anymore. In my estimation it is the best tent for surviving bad weather. It is a tank. This would be a good deal for someone with an EZ-up style tent or a beginner. Or, someone whose Craft Hut has broken parts. The hardest part is putting up the roof. I can do it myself though it is easier with 2 people. However, I've never had a problem getting someone to help with the roof. Flourish has replacement parts in case something breaks. Usually, people selling their used tent charge way too much. $350 is a good enough price, so, if it doesn't come with stabilizer bars, which in my opinion is as necessary as weights, you can get those through Flourish.


Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, I forgot to mention it has stabilizer bars too. Yes, it's a good price, I think new they are $1800? And yes, you're right, good for a beginner, or use as parts or in an emergency-a spare tent. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Happy 4th!


I can’t acess the phone number? Do you still have this.

Is there anyway you still have this tent available? I am a beginner and this is perfect.


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