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I got an email from Roy Helms of Contemporary Crafts Mkt (CCM) stating that they didn't get enough apps to run the San Francisco show next March and that the Pasadena location in June 2014 didn't look good either.  They have a last minute call for apps - so if you are interested go for it.

That said, I hate to lose the SF show I had done it twice and did OK and was hoping to find a show worth doing in the SF area.  This is a great area and there is money and art appreciation there.  Where those people at the show?  Yes, but they were tired and mostly visiting artists that they have known for years wearing their very finest art.  It was some great people watching.  On the flip side there weren't enough people and didn't seem like any new blood.  yes there were new artists, but not new customers.  When a pay gate goes to basically a free entry for 2 if you visit a website or get an artists card - it's not really a pay gate any more.  They strip the value of "pay to look" and that is disappointing.

The Santa Monica, now Pasadena show was pretty much the same but with even more artists with great work.  Too many artists scrapping for the few dollars that came in.  Yes there are always a few exceptions.  I would say that the promoter was also working with a very stale of attendees and giving the same free entrance passes.  Too little too late.  

While it is very sad, I have to wonder is this just what is happening?  Are many of the big shows getting tired and reducing the value by inviting the same artists, giving away freebies or discounting artists work with auctions or steals?  

So what's my point??  Anyone know of any good CA shows?  Anyone seeing an tired show turning it around?  Is this a trend?

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